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Have a wonderful Sabbath. | | Cup of Jo


What are you doing this week? My best friend is visiting NYC and I am so excited. We have been traveling for a long time, and he made the gazpacho for lunch today. I feel good to meet you again. Also, a reader named Em wrote, “I would love to see an article in which amazing CoJ readers with small businesses can connect to their shops.” Well, Em, this is a post! Readers, please leave a comment on your work; we will be glad to see. I hope you have a good, and here are a few links online…

ABCs find NYC home. (New Yorker)

What Stanley Tucci is doing at Thanksgiving. “There’s always pasta on the table.”

That’s how you make a party boring, according to Samin Nosrat.

This little tool makes my life easier every day.

Questions: Do they like you or are they just living in the Midwest?

How the Love Hard movie stands out. “On the screen was an Asian boy who looked like the boys I grew up with in the same lines on Saturday morning at a Chinese school. The boys who had difficulty memorizing the lessons learned the Mandarin poems, the boys I played with in four parts during the 15-minute break. ”

How beautiful is the green kitchen?

The trailer for the second Downton Abbey movie, which will be released next March.

The best hair tool I have used this year.

He made me laugh.

What a beautiful picture of a fog.

Our biggest problem as parents. “As my mentor, Magda Gerber said …” If we can learn to suffer, we can learn to live. ” all that they may encounter in life, that they are safe. mental anguish and discomfort. That it goes away. ”

Also, two comments from readers:

“EVERYONE is repulsed,” says Beth on the best marriage advice. Years ago, I was happy to tell my husband (who is actually an angel in every way) that everything he was doing was frustrating. He listened patiently and then said calmly, ‘You know, you sometimes get angry too. WHAT?! I asked for examples, haha. He said I always leave things that should be thrown in the house. Over the next few weeks, he sent me text messages on my case: apple pie and banana stickers over the counter, on top of the soy milk lid you remove when fresh on the table, trash left in the kitchen. It made me laugh so hard and cry. And she reminded me that she gave me so much grace in the life we ​​live together. “

Laura says that you are friends of any older woman: “One of my best friends is a very handsome man in his 80’s. We met at my first job in the ice cream parlor. Roy came every Sunday after church since the death of his wife. I quit my job when I turned 20, but we still meet regularly for tea and cake! It’s been 15 years, and Roy has gone to birthday parties and weddings, listening and introducing my little brother to football. I always joke that he will be a helper at my wedding, here I hope! I love her so much! ”

(Photo by Erin Jeanne McDowell.)

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