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Heartfelt Gift Gifts (with Discount Code)

For the past two years, my mother, like so many others, has faced many challenges. So, this holiday, I want to give her a meaningful gift that will put a smile on her face. And the # 1 thing they always love – more than juice or oil or chocolate – are photo gifts. (Old mothers.)

As a result, I turned to Artifact Uprising, a Colorado-based company that produces high quality photography. Their design is beautiful, and they use recycled paper and recycled options in their US production line.

It has picture cards, frames, books and much more, but I chose the Daily Print Set, where you can make 10, 25 or 50, matte pictures in different sizes.

Making a photo gift filled me with joy, as well. It was nice to look at the pictures and choose the preferences, and it was easy to set them up from my phone’s photo library. The program reminded me of the good times we have had over the last few years.

Then he can display them, around, in the Walnut Print Block, which holds up to 12 images at a time. I love that my mom can change the pictures on her desk whenever she wants to see another smiling face.

I can’t wait to give my mom this gift. Go to Artifact Uprising, if you would like to see more ideas (this can be a great gift), and find tips and tricks here. Thank you so much!

Bonus for all readers: Get 15% off your order on Artifact Uprising with code CUPOFJO15, effective January 31, 2022. (This does not apply to sending, selling bundles, gift cards or wedding invitations.)

(Photo by Veronica Olson of Styles of Jo of Cup. This article is sponsored by Artifact Uprising, the brand we use and love. Thanks for supporting the companies that sponsor the Cup of Jo.)

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