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Hope for Health and the Healthcare Industry: 2022 – Healthcare Economist

Fellow colleagues at FTI have a new white paper examining health leaders on what to expect in 2022. Based on a survey of 251 decision-makers working in companies.
communications, savings relationships, public events, business development, R&D and advertising for healthcare companies and life sciences in the US Other key results:

Prices of medicine

More than two-thirds (69%) expect significant changes in drug prices under the Biden Administration in the next 12 months.




The deal is expected to rise in 2022. A significant increase is expected in the health IPO activity, with 65% (+ 12% from 2020) expected to be higher in 2022,
and 1 in 4 (24%) expects it to “significantly increase.” About 7 out of 10 (65%) expect M&A operations to increase by 2022, up + 5% from last year, and the majority (57%) also see a higher SPAC.
jobs in 2022 over the previous 12 months.

Combinations against the workplace

When it comes to getting back to work, 78% hope that a
tangible ones can be found. Companies, however, are divided in their own ways, and
49% are planning to offer an integrated action plan, while 43% are planning to return to the epidemic before it happens.

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