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How to Deal With National Justice Now and Forever

“I am not free when every woman is not free, although her chains are very different from mine.” – Audre Lorde

Excerpt Beyonce’s call for that Log in to Formation, (if it has been a long time, go blow up the thing on Spotify for a quick fix) The question that is before us as we enter 2022 is, What will your song do to move you to respond to the cry of racial justice? How can you use, and where necessary, the abandonment of power, opportunity, and responsibility to disrupt the reality of injustice, injury, and injustice in your communities, places of worship, schools, businesses, and cities that we all call home? As we reflect on the past year and set new goals and aspirations for the new year, my challenge for all of us is to consider what the work of tribal justice entails for each of us. How can we all commit to moving from a place of indifference or fellowship to indifferent people to an active culture? chaos, to participate in community justice activities? The truth of the matter is, you may be part of the abolitionist system. There is no political neutrality.

I have written the letter below to encourage, inform, and encourage you on how we can all become co-founders in 2022 — I hope you are thinking of having an education.

Photo by Riley Reed.

Photo credit: Riley Reed

Dear Radical Wife,

Honestly, it probably didn’t bring much chaos to 2020, but 2021 is still a lot. We continued to pursue a global epidemic, being forced into unpredictable adaptations of new covid-19 models, disruptive plans, mobility, and possibly dreams. We were overwhelmed by the impact of the natural disasters and we fought the political turmoil that was raging in our local schools because of secrecy laws and educational reforms. There has been a lot to be digested, a lot of resistance, however, connected to any of these experiences and continued the cruelty of dissolved bodies.

“Racism and xenophobia are obvious as most of us grow up learning to fight it. But if we expect to move, it will not be for the natives to deal with it. It is up to all of us — blacks, whites, everyone — no matter how well-thought-out we are to do, honestly, never having a problem with cheating. ” – Michelle Obama

Although 2020 created a positive image around racial inequality, the motivation and zeal encouraged by the times diminished rapidly. Black boxes disappeared from our Instagrams, hashtags changed on our Twitter headlines, and the dedication that might bring new conversations to our dinner tables, dining rooms, or altars was temporary. The fact is, our search for national justice cannot be overstated, simply by the lyrics of the songs or the headlines. Many of us, as business leaders, mothers / parents, teachers, neighbors, people, who created a platform for speaking in 2020, have seen George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, stories of missing women and murders or abuses of our AAPI team. , just minutes. But the fact is that today, tomorrow and the next year do not have to be boring, unfulfilled promises, or actions. The quality of life of black people, the visibility of Latin and Cultural issues, and the security of AAPI institutions must be seen in a natural, recognizable, and consistent manner in our daily lives, racial responsibilities, political systems, and traditions.

Photo courtesy: Michelle Nash

Calling for an end to racism and systematic oppression is not just a matter of how long the hashtag lasts on Instagram or Twitter, or the fact that we can participate in meetings or engage in PR action. No, business and consumer leaders are called upon to continue beyond intellectual or social justice in order to disrupt oppressive practices.-this will require you to move your money from an entire corporate club or timely tweet to intentionally making changes that change your practices, systems, and attitudes.

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be impartial. We must be anti-racial. “ —Angela Davis

While the responsibility for reconciling injustices rests with elected officials, peace judges, lawmakers, and community leaders, the task of judging ethnic groups is also in the hands of all of us who consider ourselves to be part of it. community issues. This also includes, in many ways as required, a transparent and transparent investment for those of us who create vision and construction work. Our nations, our organizations, our organizations are the driving forces behind our powerful weapon, money, and the maker of one of our most iconic objects, myths. Business leaders are interviewed; What is your nature of national justice? How does your work relate to racism? Will you remain silent and react to actions, or will your words and hands work hard to eradicate oppressive practices? Will you magnify your position, your authority, your authority, and perhaps your opportunity to empower and assure the oppressed, or will you allow the opportunity to simply shield you from the pain, suffering, and injustice that we have come to bear witness to? Would you ask an unpleasant question, would you volunteer to take action, would you ask the starting questions and ask what you want?

The journey to justice, the path to justice will require more than good intentions, rising tweets, positive comments on a color page, black posts on Instagram, various employers, or donations. No, I believe that Dr. Angela Davis is real and needs companies and organizations around the world. Our quest for justice requires deliberate, steady funding to change our perceptions of the organization, to seriously disrupt our corporate practices, and to challenge the privacy and public issues that govern them.

Each of us must protect ourselves, the organizations we lead, and the environment in which we live — to distort the truth of the truth, and to keep harmful stories to ourselves. Let us also remember that we all have an organization as creators of new realities, and writers of new stories.

Therefore, let us consider the following this year:

• Share news through updates, holidays, campaigns, and annual reports
• Bring your staff and community members on your journey – let them work as a well-known team and your loved ones.
• Create an environment in which you can respond to criticism – you need to have a form of acceptance, respect, and criticism
• Be open about your mistakes and mistakes, sharing the good and the bad is part of developing faith and providing knowledge throughout your journey.
• Invite different audiences to give you updates on new systems and techniques — provide real-time information on your journey that gives you the opportunity to speak truthfully and unintelligibly, rather than just making PR cans.
• Listen and learn from BIPOC terms (but make sure you pay us for our time, donations, and information!)
• Share a microphone with colored women
• Do the work ALONE. (reminder, Google is free). Don’t rely on others to tell you what the chaos looks like to you

“In order to bring about change, you need not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail if we fail to try.” – A place called Rosa Parks

At this point, many people ask the question “Where do I start?” or “What shall we do?” Even in the midst of a plague, the outcry of ethnic justice continues to grow. For many who have just arrived for a discussion and look for their personal and team response, it can be very challenging. But this does not mean that you can or should quit. Instead, how can you find your place in the chaos? Words that focus on action, resistance to comfort, harmony, and relaxation, and require constant disruption of the environment in which you are invited. At Rosa Rebellion we call on all people to move away from allies — a place where they can often contribute to the negligence or distant support in which we appreciate the idea of ​​equality but unwillingness to work – to the starting point of a partnership – stand. which mandates you to act intentionally with money. (Join Rosa Rebellion for our 2022-day justice team — a one-year program that invites self-identifying white women who want to do the job). Selected / applications now open, click here).

To do good is that, good. Giving is good. Commitment is good. But change, justice requires a quick fight against injustice, injustice, and imperfection, it means giving up and perhaps placing oneself and those around you in an unpleasant place. Fighting racial injustice requires action in the areas in which you are called. And be careful not to say that human suffering is a history or a myth, try to follow the ways in which macro / microaggressions and systematic oppression appear in your office (near or not), neighborhood, children’s school, family / friends, and places of worship. .

What will your money in various activities look like if you are heading into the new year? How can you succeed in raising the voices of black women? ? (Learn how to save money in The REBEL Fund, Rosa Rebellion’s new site to support the charitable work of ethnic women, click here to donate). How do you plan your activities and refresh your efforts with new opportunities for the moment? Considering these reminders can help you set new goals:

Considering these reminders can help you set new goals:

• Your hatred and racism must acknowledge the suffering, hurt, oppression of ALL communities or race.
• Your hatred for racism seeks to end white supremacy
• Your hatred and racism should be intentional and not deliberate
• Your hatred for racism should be unforgivable, not political or self-serving.
• Hating prejudice cannot be based on your comfort, but it should elevate the truth
• Hate discrimination should start today and not tomorrow.
• Your hatred for prejudice should be evident, not rational
• Hating prejudice requires that you be courageous, not rigid
• Your hatred of racism should inform our secret decisions and experts, not just political votes
• Your hatred of prejudice should be widespread and ongoing, not just a matter of how long the hashtag will last on our Twitter feed.
• Hate discrimination should start today and not tomorrow

I signed for the weary, but with hope,
Virginia A. Cumberbatch

For more information on Rosa Rebellion visions or help, click here or email us at [email protected].

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