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How To Decorate Your Holiday

The halls are officially decorated in our home, and for me, nothing sets a stage like the future holiday season. And this year’s looks may be my favorite. Once again, I teamed up with Elle Worsham, owner of Gracious Garlands, to create a design that incorporates green and beautiful wreaths from last year but with some unique additions that made 2021 stand out. Check out the details of this link, including our favorite Christmas doorstep decorations to decorate your porch this year. Whether you want to do it all or not, here are some things you need to know.

1. Start with a vision.

Before you start hanging decorations on your vacation home, you will want to explain what you want to make to hear. What vibe are you going to? Worsham always looks at the names of his designs, and writes a few descriptive words to explain the meaning of his design. Pinterest and Instagram have always been good since it is an inspiration for Christmas ideas. Designing your front door board is a good place to start.

2. Be yourself.

Since no house is the same, make sure you have a plan in place yours front door. Take pictures of your door with your phone and use a pencil on iPhotos to capture complex images. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but it will help you bring your vision to life. Once the design is drawn, take all the necessary dimensions of the door and entrance.

3. Imitate the brightest ornaments.

Now that you have your own design and dimensions, you can order the most beautiful wreaths, wreaths, and any other decorative items you want. This saves you time to solve problems when it comes to building your design because you know how things should look.

4. Choose high, durable wreaths.

Buying a high quality, well-designed garland is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your jewelry. Garlands invited from major box stores can be weeks or months before shipment. Green greens like Fraser fir and other greens will always do well outdoors. Worsham also observes that wreaths of greenery appear longer as the sun affects different types of leaves in a variety of ways. True, all the green will dry up and fade away, but its nature (and fragrant aroma) is part of the beauty of the new wreaths.

5. Think of architecture.

When you are ready to decorate, it is important to consider the possibilities with your installation. For example, my front door has a window on the top, so Worsham used four large cups to suck the wire and put a wreath on top of the door. Next, he placed the wreath on the lampstand on both sides with a green flower wire. Other tools you should have include suction cups, 20-22 green flower gloves, sharp garden trimmers, control hooks, hammers, sturdy ladders, and scissors.

6. Slow down to look better.

When you sit on the edge of the garland, you will find a clear, packed shape. Worsham used a large wallet similar to last year, but using two wires instead of one differed in design. This rule also applies to other decorative items when working with windows. Since my front door is glass, she used a two-face wreath that looks beautiful from the inside out.

7. Use a winter berry to make a color.

Winterberry will give you your bright red door and its festive design, as well as the beautiful touches that have made this year look so different. Get creative with this step! Work in the stem wherever you see fit and see how it brings in organic products.

8. Give your green love.

Again, these are not artificial wreaths. They are new, and they need to be maintained. I’m not a florist, but luckily you can download Gracious Garland’s Greenery Care Guide to help your leaves end this season.

9. Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Worsham’s first point when it comes to Christmas decorations is that there are no real rules. Just get out there and play around. We are all heartwarming creators and there is nothing more satisfying than making your vision come alive. You may be surprised at how well you manage to create beautiful and natural objects. This season I am doing what makes you happy and decorating your Christmas home is a good place to start.

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