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How to Design a DIY Waffle Gingerbread House

It is the most wonderful time of the year, and while it is still 70 degrees here in Texas, I am walking fast in the Christmas spirit. As I get older, I always look for ways to reflect on the holiday that I enjoyed as a child. This looks like decorating every room in the house, playing Christmas music in the kitchen, and all the holiday recipes. This week, I made chocolate mousse, popcorn bark, and cinnamon muffins. Next? A large group of Belgian waffles so I can invite my friends to a holiday party where we will build a DIY Waffle Gingerbread House.

We originally designed these twisted houses to capture our vacation with Target, and I must say, this twist on the old gingerbread houses may be my new favorite tradition. I grew up decorating gingerbread houses with my grandparents every year and although it was a lot of fun, finding and assembling the house was always a struggle. Logani: DIY Waffle Gingerbread House. Replace gingerbread bread to make waffles, store icing and candy, and have a headless holiday. Also, let’s face it, no really they eat only gingerbread, so you can also use what you can eat. Waffle Gingerbread houses are a great addition to any holiday meal as they serve as food and activities. Kids can go to the woods with their ideas, and adults can because you have never decorated a gingerbread house. And good luck to you, we hired our DIY expert, Chanel Dror Tarlo to share her tips for making a great home this season. So, warm up the hot chocolate, put on your Christmas PJs, and decorate!

6 Tips for Making Your Own DIY Waffle Gingerbread

1. Act as Belgians do.

Belgian waffles are known for their smooth shapes and squares, making them ideal for building a gingerbread house. We used frozen dried waffles from Target, which come in First and Second Chocolate, which makes the manufacturer’s job easier, and more enjoyable.

Obviously, you can re-create waffles from scratch if you want to add to your accessories.

2. Good things come to those who wait.

As you are excited to start building your DIY waffle gingerbread house directly in the oven, let the waffles cool down first. Cold waffles are not easy to handle, but icing adheres well because it will not melt.

3. The door is always open.

If you are planning to provide your home with windows or a front door, cut these out before assembling. It is easier to cut waffles when they are flat than those that are upright and cohesive. Do not forget to keep the slices cut (unless you have eaten them first!). You can use these pieces to make a chimney or other decorative items.

4. Time and everything.

If you are planning to eat your furry creatures right away, fresh fruit will serve as a delicious garnish. Use raspberries as festive bulbs, or bananas to make trees. If you want to show off your gingerbread house regularly, choose gingerbread candy that can withstand the temptation of time.

5. The only rule is, no rules.

Whether you are younger or more adventurous, this is one activity that is unwise for DIYers of all ages. From the gradual breaking of the toppings to the “more and more”, you will be amazed at the amount of everything!

6. Leave the snow.

When the sweets and chocolate flavors settle, the final dust of the icing sugar makes your vacation full of “White Christmas”.

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