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How To Make A Hot Chocolate Box Even Santa Clause Will Like

‘It is the best time of the year! When it comes to vacation time, my regular minimalist habits take me back to every vacation. Having close friends and relatives means that I go to celebrate my time with them, and for me, that means gathering food. Between a week-long dinner with friends and holiday parties, I always look for exciting new ways to add something special to the time I spend with my loved ones. And in this time of year, adding a fun holiday vibes with a hot chocolate board makes it even more special.

There are a lot of holiday and delicious cookies at this time of year, so when I think of salt, I will not be interested. I know, it’s rude to me even to admit it because my sweet tooth almost can’t match. That doesn’t mean I’m skipping salt, but it does mean that I want to open up my evening choices. Hot chocolate cups are sweet and sweet without going overboard. The heavy-smoked coconut feels like the perfect night cup that satisfies the craving for chocolate in the best possible way – especially if you can’t look at another Christmas cookie. It is best if you make hot chocolate mixing yourself!

Here is my recipe for hot chocolate holiday board:

  1. Hot Cocoa Mix (see recipe below!)
    Although you can have a coconut ready to go on the stove, it is also a good idea to keep a jar or large bowl of coconut or near the board with a kettle of hot milk / water ready to go. Then people can offer their own cups of hot and hot chocolate.
  2. Marshmallows
    There are tons of marshmallows out there these days. From vegan choices to chocolate coated and even spices, the choices are endless. And now it’s time to dump her and move on! I chose the size and variety of this board to not only add interest, but also to get people to place their coconut cups as they like. From mouth-to-mouth and old mini mallows, to friends who just love one big marshmallow to melt in their cocoa, everyone will be happy to confuse the choices.
  3. Misuzi
    Having sauces and whipped cream as part of the board takes your cocoa on top. Pour the chocolate sauce on the bottom of the cups to get extra chocolate, or serve along the edge of the mug with caramel salt to get something amazing.
  4. Peppermints and Sweets
    Not everyone agrees that spices and chocolate go hand in hand. I am at the peppermint chocolate bar and welcome everyone to join me. Hanging sugar cane on the side of your cup also makes this feel like a special occasion, plus it works like an alcoholic beverage.
  5. Cookies and Chocolate
    This is an additional feature. As much as I love cookies and sweets this time of year, keep them a few here. It should serve as a second option to cocoa. Think of chocolate-coated tuiles that serve as soft drinks and truffles that can be tossed in a coconut jar to drink chocolate twice.

Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, and be sure to save Santa this holiday season!

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