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How To Make A Swag Of Dried Herb And Flowers In Your Kitchen

Even if you do not live in a rural area, you can bring old-fashioned energy to your kitchen by hanging garlic, onions, or herbs. At the local market, I am often encouraged to take onions to bring life and abundance to my kitchen, without worrying about the benefits of having spices and ingredients that are about a week old. Whether you buy herbs from the green market or grocery store, or grow them in your garden, you can bundle them up and hang them in your kitchen to dry to make a dry shrub – and you should not wait until you cut. from the stem to add essential herbs to chicken or thyme flowers to salads.

Instead, having the necessary ingredients can be a source of encouragement as you prepare your dinner. Aside from the practical and non-wasteful way, swags add warmth, color, and aroma to the kitchen in just a few minutes, making this a very useful project for anyone just trying to stay ahead of a busy week!

You will need:

  • 6 clusters of fresh herbs and edible flowers combined
  • The plant extracted includes sage, thyme, lemon oil, basil, and stems of lavender and aromatic geranium.
  • Florist’s twine, or any decorative yarn, is tied

How to make swag of dried herbs:

  1. Save 6 groups of herbs, including flowers, garden, market, or store. Rinse and leave to dry completely (wet herbs form in swag).
  2. Trim the stem and leaves to keep them neat and taller. Next, cut a 15-inch (6-inch) length and set it aside for easy access.
  3. Put herbs and flowers on the table and collect them in your hand, placing the stems short at the top and front, long at the back. Try to mix, and the pile starts together nicely but not too tight. The preparation should be about 5 inches (12 cm) in diameter, similar to a few times the amount of dry spaghetti.
  4. Holding the flower in your hand is not allowed, tying the band with twine. Hold the first twine string, to secure it, and then wrap the stems from top to bottom as shown. Secure with a small knot and place the tail.
  5. Move the swag away from extreme heat and sunlight for best results. Herbs should dry completely after two weeks, but feel free to pinch or reduce slightly to use a spice when the swag dries.
  6. When the swag is dry, you can leave it hanging or keep the bundle dry in a jar — or several jars if you want to separate each herb. To use in cooking, squeeze or cut a little and re-harden the seed oil by rubbing dry between your hands before throwing it in a pot or dish.

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