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How to make pasta? Stanley Tucci Has Strong Thoughts

I’ve been eating Stanley Tucci’s new memories, Tasting: My Life Through Food, which is actually a love letter to the part that food has played in his family is bigger than Italian-American life. She is a talented storyteller, but my favorite part of the book is her humor – like the one below – which makes Search Italy the recipient loves him more than he does…

Written by Stanley Tucci:

Italians are very fond of, especially, on what pasta goes with what sauce. Only one “salse” is associated with “paste” and other verses. This is why in the most important Italian cookbook there will be three different types of pasta that can be made with a certain sauce.

There was a time when someone in my house (unnamed) made a traditional family soup and served it with an uncooked pasta. I can’t express how I feel when I face this. First of all, I get angry at myself for not being able to cook the food, especially because I was doing something frustrating, such as doing things (which honestly begin to decline gradually over the years), and second, I’m overly critical. frustrated that the nominees (unnamed) do not naturally know that, for example, the combination of star pasta and ragù animals is a sectarian phenomenon. As far as I know, he probably cut my tongue with a sword and danced at my parents’ grave. Granted, doing so is grossly unjust. How could they know the benefits of pasta / mixed soup unless they were raised by an Italian or foreign food? However, when this happens, I take a deep breath, quietly thinking about the right connection sometime (though I promise myself that there will never be another time because I will be there to stop it), and try not to feel sorry for them because they were raised by the Philistines.

My suggestion to anyone who eats pasta, whether gluten-free or gluten-free, combine it with the right sauce and vice versa, because you never know who might be watching. Here are a few good ones, and for me, the mixed recipes for porridge and salse.

Spaghetti: Tomato and tuna sauce (tomato sauce with tuna), carbonara (bacon and egg), clams (clams, below)
Rigaton: Rugù beef, Amatriciana (tomato, bacon, pecorino)
Zala: Tomato sauce and peas, tomato sauce with crab

Of course, this is Tucci’s opinion, and they agree that everywhere in Italy, other regions have their own ideas and reasons for this. In Bologna, he explains, ragù is not served with rigatoni but “is traditionally eaten with fresh tagliatelle or otherwise, perhaps fettuccine drug. (‘Often eaten’ in Italy means that if you eat any other way, you will be on the watch list.)

Thoughts? What pet food do you like to talk about?

PS Spaghetti with broccoli pesto and a “home-made” dinner.

(Pasta photo by Laura Stolfi / Stocksy. This article was adapted from Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci.)

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