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How To Make Uncooked Recipes Brings Happiness In Cooking

At the beginning of the epidemic we saw ourselves flocking to the kitchen, discovering spicy ingredients, recycling materials for sleeping items, and for many, we found real joy in doing this, probably for the first time. Necessity often brings wisdom, but the emergence of a new breed of home cooks, which collects ingredients and leave (results aside), is associated with the rise of another cooking technique: A recipe without recipes.

Directed by Sam Sifton, New York Times Cooking editor and secretary of the newly released Recipes Without Recipes, the concept is still a technical one — the only thing missing is its measurement. The flexible, user-friendly features you have depend on a little more on the actual ingredients and more on what’s in your pocket. (In the introduction to this booklet, Sifton explains what you would like, including oil, butter, allium, and pasta, to prepare well.)

The most beautiful thing about the recipes for uncooked recipes, in all its variations, is the fun that brings cooking, especially for beginners. There is an independence that frees those who are too scared or hunt hard to find certain food ingredients. “Sure, you know it goes from A to C to D and back to A, but the way you get there, and what you do in the middle, is up to you,” Sifton told The Star, who also reported on what happened in August. .

The same thing applies when you sit in the kitchen. If the dish comes out in vain, you can remove it, but if the results exceed your expectations, it may entice someone to cook for a lifetime. (Or cooking that plate for life.) With improvisation comes ownership.

And even though the idea without recipes is starting to take root, it is something we have always believed in Camille Styles. For those who want to follow the path of confidence, we have put together some of our favorite foods that are easy to make based on the basics.

5 Recipes Without Recipes To Get Started

5-Ingredients Pesto Parmesan Potatoes

Without much effort and taste, this fried beauty goes around in our food menu. The best part: you can use any potato you have.

Sweet Roasted Potatoes With Yogurt

Moving heroes as they are, potatoes play a major role in this simple process, which uses a game-changing approach to taste (note: you need a little butter and honey).

Autumn Grain Bowl with Quickly Vegetable Roasts

Cereal dishes come in many colors. Of course, any combination (such as purple rice or quinoa) with green leafy vegetables will be satisfying. The recipe also includes a simple method of roasting leaves that have been in the fridge for a very long time.

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

A vegetarian version of tuna or chicken salad sandwiches, this delicious, healthy meal will not go unnoticed. Start with a chickpea base and add whatever your sandwich lover might want.

6-Apple Fragrance Ingredients

Green, simple food that tastes like fall. The ingredients, which you would like with oats, butter, cinnamon, lemons, sugar, and apples. Combine with ice cream or bring your crush to a party to win for sure.

Sunday Night Avocado Toast featuring Jammy’s Egg

The most comforting leaven in the world is also made from the ingredients you have nearby. The key is finding the egg then correct.

Fruit Cake & Cream Layer

When you add a very simple salt (cake + whipped cream + fruit), you can add your own based on the experience or any fresh fruit you have stored in the fridge. Assembly required.

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