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How to Make Your Life Sustainable and Find Time to Do What Really Matters

For the past four years, my patient and I have been using our last part of the year in December to recap the big achievements and set new goals and priorities for the coming year. It is not as much a list of choices as it is in the mantra. I consider the options I want to hear so when I make decisions, I understand why behind them. Last night was our last part of the year, and I stopped and enjoyed the set and the words we made to make me look for a way forward. I am always encouraged to hear what others are doing, so in the spirit of sharing, here are some important tips I have set up that will help you figure out how to put your life first.

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Me, First

A moment of celebration as this was a great achievement for me in 2021. For the first time in time, I regained my calendar with vigor, and put myself on the list this year. I was so accessible to everyone from work to dinner and hanging out that I was often frustrated, tired, and left out. Now, I feel in control of my schedule and most importantly, my mental and physical health.

Here’s what it looks like: realize when you need to pump. When I travel, I close my calendar two days in advance and two days later to take a break from work and home. If I am giving a great sermon or directing a group, I close my calendar for a whole week to relax, move my body, and prepare well. Listen, runners have no problem controlling what needs to be done to get it right, and the way I go about how I work, relationships, and much more.

I continue this because it allows me to be available with my friends, relatives, and at work.

Communication Honestly and Hardly

I grew up in a friendly environment, who was afraid of being upset, “shaking the boat,” or making other people uncomfortable. Support has helped me to stay close to difficult conversations most of the time. Over the past year, I have been very passionate and 100% of the discussions have been productive, and I have always saved time by being straightforward and honest. It is true what he says, when you have more, it is easier, and for me, it is important if I have to be in harmony and make my relationship strong and encouraging. If I can give you advice on my experience: get out of your head and make up your own story and just talk. And remember, you are not responsible for the feelings of others, so please do not take that to heart. Yes, be kind to your honesty, and be responsible for your own actions, but the opinions of others are not your fault.

To walk

I feel like this is always a success, but my approach is different. I know my body and myself well to know that when I move, I feel 100% better. In the past, walking meant breaking a lot of sweat, going hard, and even on my days off, I still did a lot of work. All the things I can’t take care of. What I want, what I put first is moving 30 minutes each day. Whether it is walking a short distance, climbing stairs against a boat several times, going to the store, swimming, cycling, yoga, stretching, or something sweating, the idea is that I am just doing something. Not the goal of losing weight, but to live an active life and feel good.

Use of Planet

In order to be kind to the world and not ruin it, I also prioritize how I receive gifts from nations, and how much I spend. One look in my room and I’ve been a long way from what I needed, dressed, and received. There is no shortage of clothing rental companies from Rent the Runway to Nuuly, not to mention my own sister’s room. Have you ever noticed how long it takes to have so many things? More time to clean, count, or if you are like me, do you spend more time trying to find things? I’ve put a lot of effort into my kitchen, storage, and use of a water bottle, and these are just some of my to-do list.

Limits of Power

As I get older, I understand more about the types of things (and people) that give me energy and what they suck. It follows my first advice, “I, first,” meaning: I have no power to act or to be around people (voluntarily, anyway) who absorb my power, room power, or be part of a project that I do not enlighten. Our power is limited, and we must maintain it in order to find the right people. You do not know what to tell someone who wants your time, and you do not want to give? Just reply, “I’m not available, thank you for thinking about me.” We have no debt to anyone that we do not want to explain to him. I told my doctor that I had been doing this, and I had been cruel with my plan, and he helped me to change. I am not cruel, and I am very careful and deliberate about where I want to spend my time. I hope the reframe helps you, too.

New Year’s, New Homes?

I don’t have to put a mark on it because there are so many things I believe will happen. You know what they say, be careful what you put in nature because it will happen. So here I put it there and enjoy where it leads. My main goal is to stay out of Austin in the summer (June 1 – Sept 1) and return to California and / or Colorado near the sea and mountains. The flexibility of working away from my contempt in the summer of Texas and my love for the coast and the mountains invites me loudly, and I am working hard to make this happen. If you are reading this I think you can help with rent, location, etc., and listen.

When my doctor and I realized what I liked he said, “How do you feel about December 2022 our last part of the year?” My answer?

I want to feel satisfied and satisfied with how I spend my time, and how I take care of myself, my friends, my family, the community and the environment.

I think these important things will help me achieve that. What are yours?

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