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How to Make Your Skin Oil-Free, According to a Medical Expert

In the quest for brighter light, we have become increasingly familiar with the contrast between dewdrops and shiny skin. Other than that, when Hailey Bieber says she wants her face to look like a shiny donut, she doesn’t rely on the T-zone of oil to achieve sugar. The problem with trying to irritate oily skin, however, is that things can start to feel like you can’t control it. Wash very hard, and your skin can benefit greatly from the oil, but too much exposure to moisturizer can close pores — it’s like an unsightly scientific experiment on your face. Therefore, we called an expert to guide us on how to make the skin oil-free.

First, it is helpful to understand what causes oily skin. Encouraged by a combination of genes, age (skin tends to release less oil as we age), or better skin care, our sebaceous glands – which regularly release natural oils (or sebum) to keep the skin hydrated – can persist. . In the diet, foods that have a high glycemic index (such as white bread, refined sugar, fried foods, corn, and dried fruits) can cause inflammation that leads to sebum production. This extra oil can mix with dead skin cells and clog our pores, leading to bursting and lasting light.

Natalie Burt, a leading specialist at the House of Preservation in Dallas, struggles with the organs that secrete oil to the skin, and even though it can be painful, oily skin becomes useless. “Having oily skin is a gift because we like to show fine lines and wrinkles more slowly than other skin types,” he said.

Pushing the right way to care for the skin is often the key to managing oily skin and using the light produced by sebum. We asked Burt to share the ingredients to look at (and avoid), his release policy, and the items he swears by – including paper towels, of course – to ensure that the only light on his face is a well-used mirror.

The Best Ingredient Ingredients for Oily Skin

In a world full of skincare, having a list of items with a proven track record is a comforting way to navigate fun and well-packaged. If your problem is oily skin, Burt suggests you mix the following ingredients as much as you can.

  • Salicylic and glycolic acid. Both of these active acids help to expel cells and prevent breakdown.
  • Niacinamide. A type of vitamin B-3, the compound helps with fat production and reduces pore size over time. Burt recommends choosing niacinamide products that are less watery and more effective in active ingredients.
  • Hyaluronic acid. This water repellent and its moisture-absorbing properties pump water to the skin to keep it hydrated without the aid of an ointment.
  • Retinol. Honestly, what can retinol do? On oily skin, the combination is a game-changer to reduce sebum production and prevent fine lines or clogged pores. If you are new to retinol, make sure you add a powerful ingredient to your exercise routine, and increase your use over time.

When shopping for sunscreen, look for key words such as “sheer,” “matte,” and “oil-free,” but don’t skip SPF. UV light is one of the major causes of skin damage, resulting in excess oil.

What Things Should You Avoid?

Even terms like “fat-free” and “non-comedogenic” by your friends when it comes to combating light, alcoholic beverages, perfumes, and bitter spices are best avoided. Burt also recommends keeping natural oils rich in oleic acid (such as coconut, salt, or sunflower oil). “They stay on the surface of the skin to form closed pores,” he explains.

Bathing With Oily Skin

Anyone who has been exposed to oily skin has probably also experienced the same problems of the past: how much more so when it comes to releasing?

“I advise my clients to produce three or four days a week, and spread it a bit,” says Burt. “If you are taking retinol, I like to switch days with over-the-counter products, such as glycolic or salicylic acid. Excessive exercise can damage your skin barrier and cause irritation, inflammation, and dehydration, so it’s best to start slowly. and gradually increase the use.After the time and regular use, I recommend that you increase the use of retinol on your original clothes if the skin can be tolerated.

Best For Sale For Oily Skin

A reliable line of double-cleaning, slow-release, and hydrating mixtures can help increase excess sebum. Burt takes us to the so-called glitter of shiny skin without the wrong light.

Diandra Marizet of Intersectional Environmentalist author Riley Reed

Consideration of Oily Skin Discrimination

We are made to think of oily skin like, good, oily and bad. But as Burt mentioned above, making a small amount of sebum should be considered a blessing, not a cause for shame. Obviously, excess oil can cause some rash, but sebum helps to form protective coatings on our skin. Oil-free skin also tends to be longer and more resistant to wrinkles and fine lines.

The key is to get better – your habit (I remember your diet) so you don’t waste too much fat while retaining the natural moisture on your face to stay healthy, dew.

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