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If You Are Threatened With Baking Bread, Simple Focaccia Without Knead Is For You

Today we are baking hot, fresh bread of olive and rosemary focaccia. And I swear you will be able to smell a very, very good smell on your window sill. Focaccia is good for those of us who love it idea baking bread at home, but getting the whole idea of ​​kneading and shaping and caring for the “mother” is a little scary. This secret is a great way to find yourself in the world of homemade bread, and it’s great to be able to live happily on the “focaccia phase” of my bakery journey forever. So, let’s dive into this simple non-knead focaccia as Thanksgiving is approaching and I hear you want this on your desk.

As for Thanksgiving, I have the pain of Turkey Day. As a firm believer in the idea of ​​”eating with our eyes first,” I get frustrated every time I look at my plate and with a turkey monochromatic glob, mashed potatoes, stuffed stuff, and a white roll. It often helps things, though it can be very sweet. With this approach, I wanted to bring back the bread we see on the Thanksgiving table and bring in more colors, shapes, and flavors.

My simple poor Focaccia consists of rosemary, garlic, all spices, and California Ripe Olives, which are the sweetest, most nutritious olives I have ever eaten, grown on several farms. Central California Coast. You can check out the CA Grown plate logo to make sure you are earning real money.

Although this method is simple, it is not a quick or easy method because it relies on two breaks to make the cross come out and make the amazing air focaccia pockets known for it. However, no scratching or scraping is required – the dough is so soft that when the time comes, you simply use your hands to stretch and shape it to fit your baking sheet.

You can create beautiful with your topping program, and this is a great activity for kids to get involved with. Sprinkle red onions, rosemary, any spices, and California Ripe Olives on top of a beautiful display that can be the brightest star of your Thanksgiving meal. If you have leftover olives, I like to top them with almonds and cooked vegetables to make it easier to spread the food before eating, and I’ve also used olives in pasta, salad, and pizza – I’m drawn!

When you are happy with your design, place the baking sheet in the oven, and after 20 minutes you will receive a reward of hot garlicky focaccia ready to eat.

Tip: Drizzle lightly sliced ​​olive oil and sprinkle plenty of sea salt on top before serving.

Search to find recipes, and I would love to hear in the comments if you try this. Give us @camillestyles on Instagram to see your brand! And be sure to skip to the 2021 Guide to Thanksgiving to find the best recipes for your Thanksgiving table.

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