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Jeremiah Brent’s Top Home Organization Trends & Cleaning Hacks

Cleansing does not come to mind when you think about the future, but it should. The way we clean and repair our homes has changed in the same way that we are made, and just look at the instability and the environment. Awareness of new technology and design considerations can have a profound impact on where you live in your area, and who can influence our ideas on cleaning and remodeling a house in 2022 than Jeremiah Brent.

An interior designer best known for its versatile design, as well as being part of a family of TV equipment makers – has just launched its second program with home appliances and natural cleaning products in collaboration with the Grove Collaborative. Appropriately called “Art of Ceremony,” the line was inspired by traditions that help keep his busy life stable. Brent’s set of ideas is a dream come true for anyone who does not want to give style in the name of a great side soap. Who said domestic needs should be a priority has not met Brent.

One Brent feature left: combining care and cleaning function – a mix that makes it easy with the scent of fresh eucalyptus, Himalayan salt and fragrant incense, precious marble products, and ceramic sponge dishes that you might want to show off. . She also made a playlist of Art of Ceremony – yes, cleaning your house is now fun! We spoke with a designer who wanted him for the top 2022 trends, hacks that love to clean up, and the need to create custom at home.

Live images courtesy of Grove Co.

Top 2022 Household Top Articles

For Brent, planning should be included in every day — in a fun way, yes.

Brent Board Top Treasures to Grow This Year:

  • I’ve always said this, but if it doesn’t work out perfectly or beautifully, get rid of it.
  • Involve the group in your daily activities and rituals. As part of your daily routine, your home will always be a haven of peace.
  • Incorporate organizational elements into dI amcor. Find beautifully woven baskets to hold paper towels or embrace open shelves with pantry items and colorful utensils.

The Cleaning Hacks Jeremiah Brent Swears

  • Find lots of things that work in every area of ​​your home. I love Grove Co. Cleaner Concentrates and Reusable Spray Bottles. All I have to do is add water to the cleaner and then pass through every room in the house!
  • Make it a habit to clean up after the children. Oskar and Poppy set up and clean up their space every night for dinner and accept responsibility. Once again, the smell is great for me. After cleaning, I always light incense or brush as a last resort.

“Reason” Behind the Agreement

I think it is very important to consider what we invite into our home. This is one of the reasons I recommend Grove Co and its white products. In this collection, I was inspired to create a line of objects based on the “Art of Ceremony” that works as a remodeling after a holiday. Each piece is connected by chance and I hope you will create your daily routines in your home and make it easier to live a nature-loving life.

On Anointing

Smell and texture are a big part of my design so I spent many months working with Grove Co. We chose both Himalayan Salt & Sage and Eucalyptus & Cypress as her spice for the group. In terms of the look and feel of the collection, we described the materials and finishes that are commonly used in my art studio, such as marble, smoked glass, and textile fabrics.

On His Favorites From The Line

Everything in the house contributes to the overall design. This is why I love Grove Co. X Jeremiah Brent Hydrating Hand Soap and Ultimate Dish Soap in our signature fragrance, Himalayan Sea Salt and Sage, integrated and reusable. We were able to take the necessities of the home and turn it into a beautiful thing. We keep ours near the kitchen sink above Grove Co. X Jeremiah Brent Nested Marble Tray.

How to Raise Responsibility in Everyday Work

I love the idea that these drugs are the ones that people will use to start and end their day. Something like a cleaner with a distinctive, clear scent, your household chores sound like ritual instead of routine. The fragrances in the group transform any kitchen or bathroom into a quiet and comfortable environment, and I wish we could add more fragrances to this collection!

On the Power of Tradition at Home

I think that the rigidity of the rituals establishes the thoughts and energies of the whole family which establish the ideas and strengths of our daily lives. I have a morning routine where I can play games, light a candle, and meditate — it helps me to be with my family and my work all day.

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