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Marshmallow Home Designer In Funfetti Style On Vacation

Full disclosure: I am a fan of funfetti cookies. Most of the time, the sweetest cake bought in the store at children’s birthday parties is not really tempting, but when funfetti got into this picture? Resisting it is futile. Since we all obviously need fun (fetts) in our lives, I dream of a way to enjoy the rainbow during the holidays and (get ready) Christmas marshmallows! Well, you can make them any shape you want, but the prices are pretty good, don’t you think? Have you ever made a marshmallow at home? It’s new to me, but I wonder why it took me so long to get on the train because it’s so easy. You will be amazed at how easy a mixture of gelatin, sugar, and corn syrup are combined to form something. these fluffy and delicious. White magic, I tell you.

It is good that this secret does a lot, because you want to put them in hot cups of cocoa. at night once a week I carry them in cute little bags to make a gift for all your lucky friends.

Once you know how to start this, stop by to mix the spices! Add a little coconut flour to make a chocolate-y, change the chopped sweets to sprinkle with funfetti, or try orange or almonds instead of peppermint.

Oooh, or why not use this beauty as a starting point for a holiday game? Many funfetti-filled thoughts in my brain right now.

We are enjoying a wonderful holiday season, and would love to hear in the comments if you can try it on marshmallow house! Continue reading Secret…

* Pictures of Molly Winters

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