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Modern Christmas Ideas To Decorate Your Home In Flash

As I mentioned earlier, this year’s holiday decorating has given me a new lease on life when it comes to decorating our home early in the morning. And apparently I’m not the only one who thought 2021 needed more time to celebrate. After sharing a survey on Instagram, 49% of you said you were planning to put your price before Thanksgiving this year. About half of you! As a result, since one of my favorite things about this season is filling my house with holiday spirit, I really enjoyed drawing magic and sharing it with anyone who came into our home.

This year’s show was inspired by the statues of all the branches – always green and the cold branches – which uttered the words against a little political neutrality. Elegant dresses and light fixtures are reminiscent of Scandinavian ideas fun. So maybe we should call this year’s show “Woodland Scandi,” yes? Explore the fancy and modern Christmas decorations that benefit the most from simple things — especially when they are designed to look warm and colorful. It is a process that works in all areas, large and small, and I share my favorite ideas that we have included below…

Minimalist, meet maximalist

My whole approach was to stick to a small neutral plate with a green background, but then I made little progress in using it. everywhere. The flower roots and wreaths surround the front door, the decorative ornament on the dress, the wreaths on the windows in the dining room, and the bright green curtain in the kitchen. My friend Elle Worsham owns Gracious Garlands, and her team created some beautiful pieces that created magical ideas in all of our living quarters. Since the greens look so good, I kept everything else in order – our stockings hung on small wooden chairs, snowflakes, and family decorations on the tree. It all takes a lot of practice and exercise self-control on the rest.

Create a stable environment

The highlight of this year’s decoration is the bold, vibrant greenery that Gracious Garlands created to surround the campfire. In the weeks leading up to our shooting, Elle and I collaborated on a Pinterest board that brought together all sorts of special branches and modern Christmas decorating ideas, and thought of a decorative dress that used the five yellow branches as the base of the room.

On her inspiration, Elle said, “I wanted the raw, comfortable design to look; sway from the destructive and beautiful destruction of nature and thus, life. wild lines, many shapes and movements, my hope was to capture this unwavering vibe that makes everyone, at any time, feel welcome at the table. ”

Change skills

Over the years, our living room has been like a beach – in fact, our whole house has summer vibes. In order to make the place more comfortable and to last longer, we exchanged a large seaside image that is often on fire to get an old mirror. During the holidays, I keep them in brown paper and store them in the locker room, and it is nice to mix things up with this little piece that only stays in our living room for two months a year.

But combine your existing decorations

I left the open shelves in our living room as neat as they always are — I love how the non-holiday decorations stay in the room and make it fit my style. Not decorating inches per square allowed the space to be cooler instead of looking like Santa’s living room exploded in our living room.

Put a bow there

The writing ribbon, like the velvet we used to tie our swags, is an easy way to add beauty and maturity to simple greens. It’s also fun for the holidays, and I’ll save some to reduce the gifts we put under the tree. For my modern Christmas decorations and wrap my gifts in kraft paper, then use a writing ribbon to wrap.

Give me all the wreaths

Are there many wreaths on vacation? In my book, very much so. Gracious Garlands made doors that hung on the back doors, and wreaths and windows around the dining room… was a sculpture that filled the box and made the whole house smell good.

Instead, Elle used wreaths to decorate it with seeds, eucalyptus, fruit, and other natural products. Here is how he did it:

  1. Start with a wreath starting like the Gracious Garlands’ Tri-Mix Wreath. It has a beautiful appearance, as it is made of fraser fir, boxwood and white pine
  2. Grape vines, stems and other items such as fruit or eucalyptus to add to your wreath – another opportunity to go for a nature tour to add local items to your decor.
  3. Tie and weave the vines all over the wreath: Start by tying one side of the vine to the wreath, firmly attached to the base and wrapping the vines, weaving the inside and outside of the stem, attaching the other side of the vintage to the wreath. a little later
  4. Trim the cooked stems and add leaves to the existing wreath – if you use the Gracious Garlands tri-mix wreath as your base, the base will be strong enough to simply attach your new stems to the existing wreaths on the wreath.

Choose a deliberate type

Over the years, I have always thought that I should hang any jewelry we have on the tree, but this year I stopped and asked myself – what exactly is it? to want at a price? So I made a change, and it turned out that nothing bad had happened when I picked up a few brightly colored jewelry to save for years to come. I stuck to the shades of white, blue, silver, and gold — and that small change had a profound effect on pulling this year’s Christmas tree.

I will also have a non-political and metallic palette for building my gifts this year. I kept kraft paper, including several black and white scrolls with metal.

Add the celebration to the unexpected

The kitchen is often the most neglected place when it comes to decorating the holidays, so this year, we added a sweet and easy swag to the surrounding area. I love the velvet ribbon that hangs on it, and this little piece is all we need to make this room of this house look magical.

Embracing scandi vibes

To prepare dinner, I set up our table in a white canvas, and then added green sprouts and pomegranates that were too low to interrupt the conversation during dinner. When it comes to modern Christmas decorating ideas, you can turn to the Scandinavian design inspo to guide you to a minimalist but fun journey. For parties, I add a lot of sparkling candles, a few flowers, and a bottle of bright red.

Cozy is the key

Especially when working in a neutral palette, shape and everything. Sheepskin, woven pillows, soft bedding… these fine linen fills the room with extreme heat, making us all want to take off our shoes and sit for a while.

Components of greens

These flower roots blend with fraser fir, boxwood, and white pine to make it look better than it can with just one color. Elle says, “Different colors can add tones and shapes that create movement and depth. And remember, this is an opportunity to create your own! There are no rules.”

The magic of magic

This year’s holiday decorations incorporated a variety of lighting to create a magical light in the room day and night. In addition to the fires I light almost every day, there are candles scattered on the coffee table and bright lights in the Christmas tree and mantel garland. When I shower myself at night with a cup of tea and a good book to read with the light of fire, I wish this season would last forever.

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