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My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

Ten years ago, creative director Libby DeLana became so frustrated with work and child rearing that she decided to take a morning trip to her hometown of Massachusetts. “I volunteered to go outside every morning, no matter what – rain, light, hail, frustration,” he says. He has not missed a day since. Here, Libby shares her daily routine, the funny thing she always carries, and how she takes care of this amazing hair…

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

Why did your travel habit get you started?
At first, they just sat outside. As a woman who started a business, I found that my life was full of time and meeting meetings. I realized that a big part of who I was – a nature lover – was missing. So I decided to get up early and go out every morning.

And did the habit just exist?
I started doing it for 30 days, which turned out to be 10 years. About a year ago, I did some amazing math and found that I had traveled 25,000 miles[25,000 km]which meant that I had been around the world!

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

Your morning walk sounds like a lot. What do they look like in action?
For me, it’s not about running or hitting a few steps. It’s a lot of moving meditation. When I get up in the morning, I want to know everything. I want to smell the sea, the birds, the wind on my face. Say I wake up and have a big strong bunch of grumps. I will see in my mind a tremor like a rope point, and as I begin to walk, I imagine the point loosens, loosens and stabilizes. I have found that increasing your mood is a way to get to know them better.

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

Do you listen to music or postcards while traveling?
About one-third of the time I listen to music, the third I listen to Sound or a story, and the third is silent. During the plague, I removed more earlobe than I had left.

Like what?
At first, when walking, I would look at the same cage every day. But in time, I realized how much I had done different there was – light, weather, mine weather. I learned to see honestly, not just to look, which was very powerful.

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

Yes, I have to inquire about your hair. It’s beautiful.
I started gray at the age of 32. It was salty and spicy, and I knew it would take time and money to eat. Then one day the girl came up to me and said, ‘Your hair is shiny! It has magic. ‘ And I thought, that’s right! It’s magic. Now, that’s who I am.

How do you take care of them?
I wash my hair once a week. I switched to Viori shampoo to reduce plastic bottles. And I dry the air.

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

What is your attitude toward old age?
I have no regrets with old age. I think you can say I’m anti-aging! I am 59 years old, which I am very grateful for and enjoy. As a kid, I used to look at pictures of Lauren Hutton and Jane Goodall. Their beauty went beyond appearance; it was their confidence, to be honest with who they were, that I found to be the most beautiful. Or Iris Apfel, who is beautiful not in the highest form, but in her integrity in honoring who she is.

That’s real beauty.
That’s the spirit I want to have. If I could treat everyone the way the pictures did for me – generously giving a hand around wrinkles or making gray acceptable – then I would!

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

What is your morning care plan?
I try to minimize the time between getting up and walking, so that my morning routine gets easier. I brush my teeth, apply Vintner’s Daughter face oil. Living outdoors has the effects of the weather, so I wear fat as a barrier. I also apply sunscreen; I love SuperGoop Sunscreen Oil with SPF50.

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

What about walking?
Next, I take a tea cup and wash it. For my body, I use Dr. Soap. Bronner. When I was young, I carried a lot of things, and we used them everything – shampoo, toothpaste, we washed the pots with it. I find this kind of simplicity to be beautiful, when you find something that works for you and you stick to it. Once a week, I apply the Hibiscus Clay Mask, which is great for cleansing and strengthening. From time to time, I use The Ordinary Peeling Solution with AHAs, which I love to produce.

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

Do you apply makeup?
The honest answer is, I’m bad at it! i think i look funny. But I use a few things. When I started to look gray, this handsome old lady said to me, ‘Good-bye, dear.’ When I want a little color, I like Benetint, a liquid stain. Sometimes I also wear a black flame print.

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

Have you included special equipment for your walk?
Over the years, I have gradually developed weapons. Socks are important. Some people like sports socks, but I personally like men’s fur socks. I used to wear yoga pants, but now I love these tight pants because they have pockets! I also wear a belt, when I put on my phone; and lamps; and a warm hat. Finally, I carry chocolate with me on a regular basis, even in the morning. I love Raisinets – who is the judge! Some people eat chocolate chip muffin for breakfast, I will be with my Raisinets.

My Beautiful Uniform: Libby DeLana

Tell us about your book!
It was published by Do Book Company, which owns Do Lectures in Campovida every year and is supposed to be a pocket guide. It contains the beginnings of the process, as well as my drawing. It was awesome to write! It was hard to ignore that little voice saying, ‘You’re not a writer.’ But I said to myself, ‘Just write down what you know. If you are privileged, you will have something to say to someone else. ‘

What would you say to anyone considering starting their journey?
Walking can help you get through difficult times; he is a close friend and healer.

Thank you so much, Libby!

PS More beautiful uniforms, plus cabinetry and polar explorer.

(Photos courtesy of Libby DeLana.)

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