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New York’s Best Shopping Street, and Other Reader Questions

Sezane store NYC Nolita

Sezane store NYC Nolita

We loved answering 13 readers’ questions in the past (and I feel everyone is getting rich). Here are five more, including a shopping guide in NYC and how Caroline met her boyfriend…

F. My family is coming to visit New York City soon, and I want to sneak out one morning to do some shopping. When should I go?
A. The answer is simple: Nolita. Start at Sézane’s beautiful French clothing store with beautiful handbags (fyi, mention CUPOFJO and you’ll get a small gift for shopping). Then walk down Elizabeth Street, which has indie shops (do not miss the fragrance of Le Labo). Afterwards, walk around, and you will find gems and a wonderful bookstore. If you are hungry, the villagers go to Parm, where you can get a sandwich for the rest of your life; or take a coffee and croissant at Balthazar Bakery.

Q. How does your aunt Lulu cook roasted chicken? -Deb
A. Yes! When we spend time with them in England, my aunt Lulu makes a roast chicken on the night we arrive. I texted her 411: “Hi darling, sooooo I love Jamie Oliver’s roast chicken recipes, especially those with lemon, garlic and rosemary.” Take me, this chicken is VERY delicious and makes the whole house warm and cozy.

F. This fall, I started a new job and moved 2000+ miles from my parents. How can I stay in touch with them? —Monika
A. Good job! When it comes to emigration, I have lived in a country (or countries) far away from my parents all my adult life, so we have been traveling a long way. My best advice: Receive a five-minute phone call. There is something very tedious about long-term calling. (To be honest, even writing that sentence makes me feel tired.) So do not try to force the issue. Just call for five minutes now – when you are driving to the grocery store or walking fast at night. Tell them funny stories about your work day, or ask, “Have you seen the New West Side Story?” Anything that just happens randomly, it doesn’t matter! This quick search is what makes me feel connected, daily, with my parents. When in doubt: memes.

Q. Where do I start with makeup, like someone who has never worn makeup? – Alison
A. To answer this, I turned to my friend Gemma, who is a gazillion cosmetic lover. Its advice? “If you have two things – concealer and lipstick – you can have a beautiful, bright face. Start by cleansing your skin and minimizing the small particles you bring out with concealer. .) Make sure you mix, blend, blend. Then find your favorite lipstick, and use it as a blush and lip color. ” My two cents: If you are not sure what lipstick is, I have never met anyone who doesn’t look amazing in $ 6 each.

Q. How did Caroline Donofrio meet her boyfriend? -GAM
Wonderful Caroline – longtime editor of Cup of Jo, who is now writing a comment – was happy to share the story of her relationship: Then, one night, after we had finished our pizza, some of my former friends began betting on my future marriage. ‘ Said one. ‘Maybe platonic dude!’ said the other. ‘Maybe I’ll meet someone new!’ I said. (3 months later, he brought me to my friends’ wedding, and three years later, we were making our own arrangements. ” Caroline still writes Cup of Jo notes, but if you want to stay close, sign up for her best weekly newsletter.

Thoughts? Do you agree? Any different answers? And are there any other questions you can think of today? We want to hear…

PS Questions from many readers, with 12 readers sharing their meaningful tattoos. Also, why are men’s writings so beautiful?

(Photo by Christine Han for Cup of Jo.)

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