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One Bowl Morning Glory Muffins are the healthiest starters in the year

Even after years of cooking, I couldn’t get the idea of ​​muffins for morning glory. When it comes to sweets, even for breakfast, I often think chocolate is important and the sweetest is the best – so why add some chopped vegetables to the bakery? But with the start of the new year and a good return after a lot of holiday cookies, I really am okondwa for a recipe that satisfies my sweet tooth enough, and replenishes it with fresh fruits and vegetables, spicy flavors, and hearty oats to start a great day. Even better? These glorious muffins are made entirely in one dish.

So let’s discuss the muffins of morning glory. Of all the varieties of muffin varieties out there, it is safe to say that the more popular choices such as blueberries or poppyseed varieties of lemons tend to be interesting. After all, isn’t muffin a reason to keep eating breakfast? I also often think of morning glory muffins as cardboard plus blends. But as it turned out, it was because I hadn’t found my favorite method and it would have given me the same interest as blue blueberries. As usual, I began to change my mind with a simple, sweet, and healthy way to bake a cake on the weekend to eat my mid-week breakfast.

So, what is the muffin of morning glory?

The first glorious morning muffin, from Morning Glory Cafe in Nantucket, is packed with toppings: bright coconut, raisins, apple, pineapple, carrots, and nuts. It is a deep kitchen with a variety of muffins. I wanted to get rid of the old ones, cut down on sugar, and change a few things I always had, and make some decisions as well. And honestly, it is one of the beautiful morning glory muffins. You can exchange things you have or leave things you do not like!

Healthy exchanges

For my race, I traded white sugar with a little purple sugar for maple juice. I like the caramel supplement and the low-fat maple that sugar gives instead of white sugar. But you can replace coconut sugar with purple sugar. I also used unsweetened apple juice to add moisture and add natural sweetness by cutting down on some sugar. This is one of the things I always have in my bakery. While I don’t eat apple cups as much as you would carry in a lunch box, I find it very helpful to have them in my cafeteria room. You can find unsweetened apples in 4oz cups at the grocery store, just grab some to keep behind the pantry!

The morning glory muffin add-ins

Plus, no doubt the most important part of this muffin, is when we can have a little fun. Although I love carrots in the morning glory, I also added zucchini and apple. I love the added benefit of fruits and vegetables, plus, they add to the humidity of this muffin. * Important information * here, you need to squeeze as much moisture as you can out of the fruits and vegetables you can. Otherwise, you will have a lot of frozen muffins, and no one wants to!

I left the nuts in the batter only and instead chose to sprinkle on top, but you can add some chopped nuts like walnuts or pecans in the batter and raisins if you like. I love the cracked shape that has the surface against the inside of the fluffy battery.

The best part? This is one of the morning dishes of the muffin recipe, so it would not have been easy. Just prepare all your ingredients and add them to your mixing bowl to combine.

Collect and fill your muffin strips up to the top to secure the dome slightly, and cook. These glorious morning muffins are very simple, and very tasty. It turns me on with my loyalty of blue blues!

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