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Preparing for the Christmas Table to Make Your guests Happy — And It Only Takes 10 Minutes!

A few weeks ago, we started the holiday season with a dinner party at my home, to celebrate the upcoming festivities. and welcome my friend Tieghan (of Half Baked Harvest) on her trip to Austin. He and I cooked dinner for a couple of our favorite women, and as we gathered around the table, I remembered why I loved a hearty dinner party at home more than anything else. Having a night like this is one of my biggest passions in life, and there is no doubt that food is a powerful tool for deep communication. We will be sharing everything. single. details tomorrow including all recipes (die Tieghan pasta alla vodka), our list of holiday party games, and much more, but the first things: how I set up our holiday party table. Take a look at the beautiful green ideas and ideas for setting up a Christmas table, as well as a place to buy anything I used.

Embracing you fun

Most of the time, my anointing on the table starts with one thing, and this was no different: the sculpted branches – always green and the cold branches – that we use on my dress made Scandinavian wood dance, especially against just a few neutral places. . The glittering fabric and the lighting of the candle make the table look like its most beautiful country, and my goal was to emulate those romantic ideas. fun at the whole party.

Make a cloth

Even most of the year, I embrace the natural look of our unfinished teak dining table, adorn it with our delicious dinner party and wrap it in a very white linen cloth. Its simplicity and minimalist design add to the Scandinavian flavor, especially when it comes to regular green runners and pomegranates that were too low to interrupt the conversation during dinner.

Go to green

My friend Elle Worsham is the owner of Gracious Garlands, and her team produced the most beautiful evergreen swag that made this table so special. In planning for this design, we all knew that we wanted something easy to travel throughout the holidays – and it would not hinder the discussion at the table. These swags are the simplest and most unique and are only decorated with pomegranates and candles.

For a simple everyday meal, I keep swags on the table, but at the party, we elevated the shapes and flowers that Worsham made in a bowl of old glass compote. Non-branch-shaped branches added to the sculptural silhouette.

Turn it on

Having laid the foundation with my white tablecloth and always green runner, I was ready to light a candle that makes every dinner party so special. With all the holiday ideas and Christmas table here, candle lighting is the fastest, cheapest way to give every meeting a magical glow.

I started with the high-end metal holders that I had been holding for a while — winter is a good time to slow down a bit and not get dark, so this sounded great. In addition to the long, sculpted items on the table, I like to keep things a little longer, so I leaned against two candlesticks on one side and a stick on the other side. Then to add some sparkle, I put a few votes between the green ones.

Everybody’s place

Taking a few minutes to hand out simple credit cards is one of my favorite holiday ideas, but it won’t be easy. We cut out some business card types, and then I used a brush pen to write each guest’s name in alphabetical order. Do not worry about writing properly — the imperfections of the cards are what make them feel special and special.

To carry these simple cards, I wrapped a couple of green sticks with cinnamon and twigs, tied them together, and placed a bundle of sweet-smelling stuff on each side. Although I often use a random method to set the table, holidays are a fun opportunity to make things more comfortable with living space. And especially at a dinner party where not everyone gets to know each other, I find that people are always curious about where to go.

Raise the glass

At this table, I often use the dishes I already have in my group, but I enjoyed the opportunity to break my new wine glasses. I was immediately attracted to the delicate stem and refined shape of these glasses, and the 4th set is very expensive – meaning that if I break a few glasses, it is not a big problem to order more. Although I ordered red and white, I like to put a glass of white wine in everyone’s place, and have red glasses waiting in the wings and set up my bars.

Choose your tablet

Combining holiday ideas with setting up a Christmas table doesn’t mean you have to stick to a red and green plate. Instead, I just have shades of white, purple, evergreen, silver, and gold that allow me to play with the shape and texture and make the whole look feel busy or outward. White bowls with a special carved rim, flaxseed towels, and tiak towels and removable pieces that I can use all year long — a central setting and candle lighting that brings this to the fullest during the holiday season.

Play with your eyes

Before the guests arrived, I made a very simple cheese board that served as a table decoration. Instead of living in a large pasture, I controlled myself and made a “living” stilton, triple cream brie, and truffle tremor goat. I filled the gaps with grapes followed by a few fresh figs, then added small wooden bowls filled with almonds, flatbread, and gluten-free crackers. As usual, I cut and sliced ​​the tops of the cheese to make them look better and encouraged guests to dig.

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