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Sandy Ho’s Gathering Is All About Happiness (by Rainbow Dumplings!)

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Bringing people together at the table is our greatest goal in life and we believe that food is the most powerful tool for communication. But what makes meeting attendance so beneficial? In our series, How I Collect we go back to our favorite chefs, food lovers, and taste lovers to answer this question. See All

Then, inside a Sandy Ho convention in Los Angeles.

I still remember my first time. I was on my way to a private meeting in Los Angeles when Sandy Truong An Tran Ho — a chef, cook, and expert behind Sandita — gave his famous rainbow paste “ooh” and “ahh” sound. Needless to say, my eyes ate them before I tasted them. The excitement was understandable. Grins listened intently and a happy laugh was heard as our loved ones began to sing — no one could stop saying it. Yes, this was a food designed to be an experience: visual, sensible, and oral. They are quite a real joy in physical form.

Creating a food experience that attracts the attention that brings happiness is what Ho wanted to do when he introduced Sandita as a backyard dinner menu. But when Covid took a break from his meetings, he changed the bad into the good and focused on the good. It was during this time that the rainbow dumplings were born. Ho wanted to create something interesting that would bring the community at a time when we were not allowed to share the table. This fun idea is a way to go on in everything they do.

Now that the world is open, Ho has resumed his private cooking, reopened their food and events program, is back in sports, pop-ups, and national activation, as he continues to share his favorite food. village wherever they can. As a result, we were thrilled to step into one of her recent meetings to learn more about her fun cooking style along with her favorite kitchen utensils, why she doesn’t use cookbooks, and the most important things you always find. its refrigerator / pantry. Get ready for anointing.

How did you learn to cook?

My family and my legacy play a major role in my cooking career and I learn from them every day. My mother loved to cook, my father loved to eat, and he always planted fresh seeds and fresh foods. Watching this love and remembering it increases my fire of learning. Plus, I’ve always been creative, especially as a kid, with a big mind and I love nature, being outdoors, and living in the water – I always draw this energy. Clever cooking I have learned from people all over the world, most of whom are not cooks.

You are famous for your rainbow dumplings. Tell us about the evolution of these beautiful dumplings and how did it inspire you?

Cooking in the covid era, making small pieces of fun in my area is an unknown time. This time gave me time to work on what was on my mind but I did not have time to have an active epidemic in my life. It allowed me to narrow down and create more testing space and live in my own world of art and food.

Describe a day known to you. What do you drink when you wake up? And what is breakfast?

I usually don’t eat my first meal until 12 or 1 o’clock in the afternoon and this can be anything from rice and eggs to congee and pickles. I drink water in the morning and I do not drink enough all day but I am trying to get better.

The cooking tool you always give first and why?

Knife and spoon — no “first” tool, you may want to cook and taste or you may not. That takes curiosity and allows you to be bold with new things. If you want to cook, take a knife and learn, hold a spoon and taste everything.

What are your favorite cookbooks and why?

I do not use cookbooks. I have a lot of things I love to cite pictures and hear, but instead of looking at the recipe, I am more interested in the story, where the chef or person writes from, who they are, where they live, and how they interpret the dish. This is more fun for me than any other recipes ever written.

Tell us a few things we will always find in your fridge?

Fish sauce, chili, cilantro, Thai basil, and pickles.

What about your pantry? What do you always have with you?

Fish sauce, natural foods, and rice.

What kitchen utensils should you have?

Microplane, chef’s knife, long blades.

What is a cook?

Nothing. That’s why I can’t stand it! It is the language I speak best when I am constantly learning about magic.

Your brother signature parties?

A complete fish, a mother’s curry, and always a juicy, shiny salad.

One meal you always make at home and why?

Congee. It comforts me and always reminds me that I am cared for.

Dinner party peeve pet?

Lots of flowers on the table that distract guests from the table and take up space to get food. I love flowers but there is a knack for them to play with food instead of struggling with it.

The evening party playlist includes:

Love songs.

Dream guests?

My parents are my two older brothers. I haven’t been home for a couple of years now and I look forward to sharing dinner with my family the first chance I get.

Type the words:

Good nutrition should… divided.
It’s not a dinner party without … spilled cookies on the table, drops of wine on the tablecloth, a plate shaped like fried fish, and a lot of laughter.
Every cook should be… interesting.

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