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Signs That You Have Finished Having Children

Much is involved when choosing to have a baby, and after you go through a very important question if you want to be a parent, the next question is when you want to quit. On top of that, there are external questions from others such as “Do you have another child?” or “How many do you want?” which can have a profound effect on making informed decisions. But why really you know What are the signs that you have finished having children?

Granted, there are some well-meaning people out there who have known these answers for years, and some who are cognizant when they “finish” having children, but for many families it is not an easy question to answer. So if, like me, you have a hard time deciding whether to have children or not — I understand! In fact, I think about it once a year. In the process, my husband and I performed IVF to conceive a baby, and from that harvest, we were left with three embryos. We pay for the storage of the embryos, so every year when the payment comes, then “are we done?” negotiation.

I’ll be honest; Since I now have two small children, I don’t think it is appropriate to ask myself that question right now. It is very difficult to see beyond this section and I like to repeat it honestly when my children are four or five years old. On the plus side, waiting longer can also mean having our third child in the 40s, so while I’m not against it, I’m not sure if I will have the energy for another baby.

No matter what your situation may be, one thing is certain, it is a difficult question and a very difficult decision to make! To help you, I have included a list of things to consider when looking for answers based on my personal experiences and those of other women in our community.

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As a result, you can have children if…

You are ready to redo and remove distractions

Every woman understands how children’s toys, toys, and chairs fall into every room in the house – have you ever stepped on a Lego block in the middle of the night? It’s happened to me once so many times. The walk – even if folded – takes up a third of a foyer, your child is about to finish his or her bed in an older children’s bed, and your room is full of onees. he can being a useful cloth wearer.

You are probably starting to plan what your baby’s room will look like beyond the nursery decorations, and while enjoying the days you spend with your baby, you don’t worry about it as much as before. It’s normal to want to dwell on a few memories of your child’s childhood, but if you can’t control yourself to give up too much, it could be because you want them to be comfortable.

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Your money will never run out

On average, it costs about $ 250,000 to raise a child — that’s not a change for the better. Frankly, children want more things. Having another child may mean that you have to repair your home or car, and in the case of cars, caring for children for each child can be as costly as a car. each Year.

Thinking about money before you think of another child is a very helpful thing. In the end, parents will probably agree on how they want their children to be safe and secure. Nothing takes you away from the nightmares caused by malaria if you remember that you could be growing your wealth if you had something else.

You feel calm and content

If you are feeling happy and happy with your family as it is, it is important to consider it. I felt so happy and blessed to be with Liam, but I could not ignore the joy I felt when I decided to have someone else. As soon as Norah arrived, a new peace came over me and I finally realized that it was my experience to tell me that my sweet family was complete.

My husband and I regularly visit each other to discuss how we can help one another, as well as what goes on in our relationship. When contemplating raising a family or not, we used that time to think about it, that is, to reach a decision as a group on the same page.

I spoke to other women in our community to hear more about them. Often, the choices are based on what the universe has already planned. I’ve heard it over and over—“Nature had a purpose in mind for me”-Whether it is a job promotion that comes with it or the opportunity to move on, there are many times when you will know if the opportunity has been given to you, and that having another child is not the case.

Photo courtesy: Teal Thomsen

Some women remember the feeling that they have nothing else in their heart to give, and sometimes it is as simple as that. So how are you really Do you know when you have children? There is no specific way to find the right answer, but there are ways to approach it based on the above points. All in all, it is important to take the time to make the right decision, and as many women have told me, you will know when you know it.

If you are having trouble deciding whether to have children or not, I hope these tips have helped you to think critically to help you find the answer you are looking for. I have found that doing some free writing helps lower your thoughts on paper, revealing how you feel. And if you are experiencing serious problems, it may be time to contact a local counselor who can assist you in this election.

For any women out there who have decided to have children, let me know what they did you notice that.

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