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Thanksgiving Song Playlist for Creating Holiday Conditions

I am that time of year! That’s right, we’re talking loose jokes, peeking, and… Thanksgiving preparations. For those of us who had the privilege of being with our loved ones this year, you are in luck! As you begin to prepare your Thanksgiving recipes, we have a vibe featuring a Thanksgiving playlist. Because it can’t be a celebration without establishing the right feeling and good music.

Before you publish a play, read more about “how” and “why” I have chosen these songs to be the best link to your holiday diet.

How to imagine the shape of a song in your Thanksgiving song list

Music and everything to hear. So once you start choosing music, you should first think about what kind of vibe it is and how important it is. In giving Thanksgiving, it seems worthwhile to think of a vibe that is warm and comfortable when welcoming family and close friends from the winter winds to a warm and comfortable place. You also want to create a space for meaningful conversations.

To do this, you can consider the type of music. What is the composition of music? When we think of its design, we often think of something we can touch and feel (smooth sweaters, smooth hair). But there is another side to the matter. Physical appearance also determines how we view an object. When it comes to song design, it all depends on how the music makes us feel based on how certain parts of the music are connected. Music, tone, timbre, and tone of voice all work together to form a sonic fabric, just as a sweater weaves together. Contemplating the structure of a song can be a bit of a hassle, so I tend to break it down into just “more or less thin”.

In this Thanksgiving songwriter, I chose songs with a lot of brass or stringed strings to give a warm and rich sound that resists the lowest pressure to make room for all the musical fun you will have at the dinner table. You don’t want your music to be “starchy” that can distract people away from good conversations.

Listen to yourself and try to reconsider the sound when you re-create your music!

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