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The 17 Cozy Chic Blankets that Add Texture and Warmth to Any Space

Cozy winter throw blankets are like a classic scarf for the home: they’re always in style, go with any aesthetic design, and the easiest way to add color, texture, and dimension to a room. This chameleon of a home decor accessory offers one of the simplest and quickest ways to up the ante on a room with chunky knits and layered woven fabrics. Plus, we take our lounge time seriously. From lazy Saturday mornings spent drinking pour-over coffee to early Sunday night dinner-and-HBO-Max rituals, these moments call for something warm and knitted draped around our shoulders. (And who doesn’t love to cocoon in plush mohair when snowflakes are falling outside and your favorite show is on?)

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate comfort to counter the winter chill in the air, or for a way to add a bit of texture to your space, we’ve got you covered — literally! —With these 17 cozy, chic winter throw blankets. Ranging from ultra-luxe to simple and refined, each of these pieces is a décor-must that will warm up any room in your home. Read on to find the perfect one to toss on the corner of your bed, the side of your couch, even on the back of a dining room chair to stay snug through the season and beyond.

Above photo courtesy of FJØRN Scandinavian Design.

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