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The Best Advice for a Friendship I Have Received

plus one film

plus one film

Two years ago, I was dating because of dating, but in time I found myself wanting more – especially with a guy I had been seeing for weeks. We were very much in love, and I convinced myself that he wanted to be just as much in love with me as I was with him. One night, after a friend’s birthday party, we were waiting on the subway, and I had enough champagne to wake up and say, “Hey, I love you, you love me. Do you want to do this?”

“Absolutely!” he replied. After the kiss, I smiled and didn’t stop until I fell asleep that night. I never felt better about how someone else felt, and I thought this would be the beginning of something strange.

But the following week, I did not hear from him for several days, and when I did, I was always the first person to preach. I begged him to visit me, but he said, “I’m sorry. I am very busy this week with work. I have no time to rest on my own. ”

I knew dating was hard, but I had no idea it was. I had never seen him since underground, and I never understood what was wrong. I was having coffee with my friend Julie when she asked me how things were going with the new guy. “OK,” I said, “but he’s too busy. They don’t have time to see me. ” Julie turned to look at me and gently took my hand. “Let me tell you something. If anyone is in you, he will go out from heaven and earth, to see you.

Although I heard his voice, I refused. I believed that this boy was desperate for a date. I convinced myself that I was the one who started the conversation and night counseling, but I kept thinking about Julie’s advice. After much suffering, I decided to give it up. I felt speechless and in pain. I became quite disillusioned with the self-centered people I admired, even though they had failed in some ways.

About a month later, I met a friend who I now have. On our first date, she asked me the second day the following week – and I said yes. When we were kissing good night and being late for a while, he said, “Really, are you here Tuesday? I don’t want to wait a whole week to see you again.”

He had moved to the heavens and the earth in just a few words, and I instantly knew what Julie meant. It reminded me of how Harry wanted his whole life with Sally to start quickly.

When I look back at all the red flags with the first person, I can’t help but smile. He was pain clearly, and I wish I could go back and shake myself. I’ve learned a lot about relationships with difficulty, but this time I took the opportunity to see how something could be – with the right person.

What is the best relationship advice you have ever received? I want to hear…

PS Another dating skill, and the secret to a happy marriage.

(Photo from Plus One video.)

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