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The Best Dessert to Give Thanksgiving to the Crowd

It doesn’t matter what I eat on Thanksgiving, I all the time have a restaurant. Making sweets is one of my favorite things about the whole holiday. While my mother prepares to cook leftovers, my sisters and I would gather and prepare my grandmother’s recipes for the most delicious chocolate and pumpkin pie each year. Interestingly, some years we only make two pies and have only six guests, but some years, with 5 pies with 13 guests. No matter how many people you celebrate this year, there are many desserts that can double or prepare. in advance to serve the masses. If you’ve been looking for the best Thanksgiving salt for most people, don’t look any further here. Whether it’s a top apple apple pie, or a special twist on pumpkin cakes, this salt recipe feeds and delights your whole family.

12 of the Best Recipes for Thanksgiving Dessert

Chocolate Slab Pecan Pie

Why We Love It: To keep the crowd entertained with these delicacies on a regular basis, Katie Wahlman added her favorite recipe and cooked it in a jelly pot instead of cans. Cut in circles instead of cut into triangles, it is similar to a pecan bar but does not always fill the gooey pecan.

Hero Ingredients: Each pie needs a bag of chocolate chips, IMO.

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Pumpkin Slab Pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Why We Love It: Lovers of pumpkin pie, this recipe is a way to preserve the past, but to feed more people. It also has one of the sweetest, flakiest, yummiest pie crusts at all.

Hero Ingredients: This may be necessary, but pumpkin is the real winner here.

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Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Bars

Why We Love It: The bourbon pecan chocolate bars are wonderfully made with the filling of bourbon chocolate on top of a short heavy crust. Bite once and you will be drawn.

Hero Ingredients: Bourbon is a hidden object.

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No Bite of Paleo Pumpkin-Pecan Pie from The Defined Dish

Why We Love It: With a sweet date and pecan crust, this innocent pumpkin bite comes together quickly and no cooking is required. These recipes are versatile and friendly, so everyone can enjoy them. They are good for a little bite when you are already full.

Hero Ingredients: Dates make the crust look sweet and sticky.

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Apple Slab Crumb-Topped Pie from Cooking Classy

Why We Love It: Slab pies are always great for feeding a group of people because the slabs can be as big or small as you want. This Apple Slab Pie has four delicious ingredients and satisfies every sweet tooth.

Hero Ingredients: The whole crumb topping is a true hero.

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Cinnamon-Swirl Apple Slab Pie from Martha Stewart

Why We Love It: This secret really requires a little work, but it will feed and entertain the crowd. Also, who can deny a pie with cinnamon-butter?

Hero Ingredients: I am a cinnamon sucker.

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Vanilla Chai Pumpkin Latte Cupcakes By Cinnamon Brown Sugar Frosting from Half Baked Harvest

Why We Love It: Serving Thanksgiving cups are not as crazy as it sounds, especially this way. Think of it this way: Every visitor is easily served, does not require special cuts or plating, and still tastes like a fall. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Hero Ingredients: Starbucks has nothing to do with this Tei Spice.

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Pumpkin Bundt Cake From Front Thyme

Why We Love It: This is not your traditional Thanksgiving item, but I will not refuse the bundt cake. It is good for most people because it is easy to cut and serve, and it appeals to all pie lovers out there.

Hero Ingredients: Colds we make ourselves, please.

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No Milk & Gluten-Free Pie

Why We Love It: This cherry is made easy with a few ingredients so you don’t have to worry about removing Thanksgiving salt. It’s also a great way to make potluck because it satisfies any taste and nutritional requirements, too. In addition, it doubles easily to feed the host.

Hero Ingredients: Cashews, because who knows that nuts can turn into a whipped cream?

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Salt Caramel Apple Pie Bars from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Why We Love It: These bars have all the flavors of the Apple Pie, but come together quickly and feed the crowd easily. One of the best things about it is that guests can eat this with their hands, so it is very good when passing through a party.

Hero Ingredients: Caramel salads can not be beaten.

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Pumpkin Snickerdoodles from Two Peas & Their Podo

Why We Love It: You may think I’m crazy to tell you to send cookies on Thanksgiving, but one bite of Pumpkin Snickerdoodles and you change your mind. It can be an excellent Thanksgiving salt for the crowd as it explodes with fall seasoning and serving 36.

Hero Ingredients: All the spices have fallen. Cinnamon powder is also politely mentioned.

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Chocolate Dual Mocha Pudding Pie from Half Baked Harvest

Why We Love It: Chocolate Pie is my favorite Thanksgiving salt. Discard some espresso and sell. This pie is good for serving the host because it does not require time in the oven. You can do it in advance, double it, and then forget about it.

Hero Ingredients: Espresso is immediately my favorite.

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What is the best Thanksgiving meal for most people? Leave a template in the comments section.

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