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The Chef Sharees the Secret to the Best Burnt in Turkey

It doesn’t matter how many recipes for turkeys are out there (thousands? Millions?) And not the November rolls that I don’t write “What’s the Best Secret of Thanksgiving Turkey?” in my google search i hope you feel better. And while there are many delicious ways to cook ’em, from blended to spatchcocked to fried, I think it’s hard to deal with the simplicity of a little rabbit roast – especially if cooked well with crispy skin and the inside is juicy and sweet. .

But as most of us have seen for ourselves, “simplicity” does not always mean simplicity. With a bird that is bigger than most of us accustomed to cooking all year round, including steps like removing giblets or tying the wings back, there are many ways you can make mistakes and end up with a turkey that is smooth, dry. , or both. So, in an attempt to prove the best, most ridiculous way to roast rabbit, I called an expert: Michael Fojtasek, owner / chef of the best restaurant in Olamaie, here in Austin. He stood next to my kitchen, brined Turkey in hand, to unravel the mysteries of how to cook Turkey, which goes into its favorite water, and most importantly: how do you get the lacquered, caramelized, crispy skin of our grateful dreams. ? Find out.

First, why brine turkey?

A quick look at the best way to Thanksgiving Turkey would be to say that simple pre-baked spices are all you need. However, I have found that almost every cook I know swears by salt and pepper to bring moisture and flavor to the whole of Turkey, not just the skin.

In short, brining is a mixture of water and salt. Since turkey (especially the breast) is very thin, it needs extra help to keep it moist and tender, without drying out for a long time to cook. Lowa: wipe. During the hours that the turkey is in brine, it absorbs the water which helps to keep it sweet, as well as the salts that help break down protein (i.e., love it) and distribute all the spices.

How to feed Turkey

First, clean the refrigerator compartment: cooked turkey takes its place. You can use the main repository, however for most of us, the location saving feature is the large Ziploc wallet (you can usually find it with Turkish items you buy this time of year or on Amazon). Just put the turkey in a bag with the brine to make sure it is covered. In any case, Fojtasek recommends using a non-stick container, and pouring water for 24 hours.

Which turkey is best for watering?

Fojtasek says, “The best pig is the best bird that is as fresh as you can. However, if it is frozen, make sure it has melted slowly in your refrigerator.” Do not wash the turkey which has not yet been salted – since the brine has a high salt content, it has already been given to Turkey the necessary spices.

How to give Turkey your golden skin

Fjotasek shared his secret product: sorghum, which is often used in the preparation of southern cuisine. The syrup juice is similar in color to molasses, but is made from sugarcane instead of sugarcane — and when used in this form of brine, the sugar in the water gives the turkey a beautiful, caramelized, and crispy skin.

If you have time, the next best step is to wash and remove the bird from the brine and keep it in the refrigerator for 24 to 36 hours. Allowing the bird to stand aside for too long causes the skin to form what we call a pellicle or “crispy.”

How to burn Turkey brined

When you are ready to cook the turkey, remove from the fridge two hours in advance, and preheat your oven to 350 F. Put the turkey with lemon, onion, garlic, and thyme.

Next, you drain the turkey, pour a little oil on the chest and coat all the birds evenly. This will give it a nice color if you are cooking. Season with salt and black pepper, then place in the oven for 2 – 3 hours, until the temperature of the thigh area is 160 F.

Check out the recipes, and leave a comment, comment, and post us on Instagram @camillestyles if you can try it!

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