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The Lovely Winter Scents from L’Occitane

When I was growing up, my mother and aunt used to give each other presents during the holidays, and those gifts always came from L’OCCITANE. Settled in Provence, the brand has a beautiful, fragrant oil and soap, and my mother and aunt are extremely fragrant. As a girl, I loved witnessing to them.

Holidays are magical, of course, and L’OCCITANE (also known as LOX-EE-TAHN) knows how to celebrate that. This year, their papers were created by Tristan Bonnemain, a French artist living in the south of France, and I am excited to bring some of their paintings to my mother, mother-in-law, and sister this year.

The Shea Butter herb, which combines foam baths and moisturizing creams, helps to soothe and refresh the skin with 100% shea butter. And their Shea Butter hand cream has the following religion for good reason.

Do you use to spray the room? We use it in our room and I really like it. This great seller offers a picture of spring in the winter months, with notes of Mediterranean verbena, geranium and lemon tree.

This year, for my mother-in-law, I will be putting the Gift of a Hand Cream Set into her stocks. Made with Shea Butter, the sweetener will help soften her hands even on the toughest days of the winter.

And the Néroli & Orchidée Eau Intense Travel Set has an amazing floral and vanilla scent. The collection consists of body milk, soap, bath gel, and hand cream, all wrapped neatly.

Thoughts? Have you tried L’OCCITANE? What is your favorite thing about it? This is what I have loved for a long time.

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(Photo by Veronica Olson’s style of Jo Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by L’Occitane, the brand we use and love. Thanks for supporting the companies that sponsor the Cup of Jo.)

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