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The Most Beautiful Jewelry (with Code Discount)

For the past decade, my favorite jewelry has been Catbird’s little shop in Brooklyn. The store is designed by women, workers and warmth, and you can find embroidered rings, shiny beads and cygnet bracelets. Everything is just beautiful. I love the way they call their sons “cats,” and when Anton gets their ears pierced, it will be one of those piercings!

Catbird sells best manufacturers and they make their own names, using reclaimed gold and well-established permanent tools. Their pieces are made with interior jewelry in their Brooklyn Navy Yard studio.

Fortunately, Catbird released their first-of-its-kind holiday gift ideas, and I was thrilled to collect my gifts from their favorite jewelry, as well as other $ 20 luxury items that could make beautiful stockings or guest gifts. Here are nine options…

What pieces of Catbird do you like? (I LOVE this little girl too – idea, Alex!)

Also, good news for Cup of Jo readers: Before the holiday season, write Catbird newsletters to claim 10% of your gift. In addition, you will receive initial announcements of minority types and promotions, and gifts with promotions go to regular mail subscribers. (Discounts are for new customers only, other exceptions may apply.)

(This article is sponsored by Catbird, a company we have loved and worn for many years. Thank you for supporting the companies that support the Cup of Jo movement.)

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