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The Secret to Braised Short Ribs is the Easy Holiday Food I Make Every Year

One of my favorite things about the holiday giving HERE is the annual dinner party we do for the same small group of friends the week before Christmas. There’s something about that time that sounds magical – and at the end of the holiday season, just before the start of the whole family time, and they dedicate themselves to a big celebration. Each year, we all bring our A game and show that we are ready to cut our hair and open a beautiful bottle. In fact two years ago it was at the same party where I learned to melt my first bottle of champagne, but this is a story for another time.

Since I prefer to push with my friends rather than stand around the stove all night, I rely on a few recipes that feel very special on holiday but can be pre-made – and lend a large group cooking for the crowd. Of the many recipes I have made over the years, it is a recipe for a short and delicious rib that has remained unchanged on my pages.

Why do I like these short ribs? Oh, let me read the way. At first, the short ribs are the most sensitive animal products for serving the masses. Instead of making a large grill on the table, they are already divided into portions that can be easily roasted on a plate, ready to eat. They are also very soft, heavy which sounds great on vacation. I like to eat short ribs and other side dishes (think mashed potatoes, polenta, or cauliflower paste) for their velvety sauce to soak up and add their delicious red wine flavor to everything.

Probably the best thing about a short ribbon that is delicious and spicy is that it can be made almost in advance — actually, the best ones made yesterday! The flavor is immersed in a few hours, and all that is left to do is when it is time to drain and reheat slowly over the stovetop. With that said, I made the short ribs to start finishing on my KitchenAid® 48 Smart Commercial-Style Gas Range. As you know, we set it up as a way to refresh our kitchen last year, and last year, I still enjoy the opportunity to create a kitchen with my trusted assistant.

The color is obviously beautiful – always ask me who Insta is! – but you may not know that these colors are available in 9 mixed colors to suit different styles. Although I kept the old ones with Stainless Steel, there is another part that I wonder what it would look like in the Milkshake… In my next kitchen, maybe? Its practicality is reflected during the holidays, when I can boil potatoes, roast sage leaves, and leave my short ribs to finish in the oven well and slowly. This color allows me to have full control over the different types of temperatures so that the results are not perfect.

To make things easier for me personally, I get help from my pet buyer by asking him to cut short flanken ribs into two inch ribs. That way, there is no more killing that I can do at home before I have fun hunting these guys. Usually, I distribute 2 of these pieces to each person, give or take according to their passion. I think you like this simple short rib knitting technique that requires more than just cutting leaves and throwing everything in a pot. The result is a very sweet, low-key one, and should be the highlight of your vacation meetings for years to come.

Although the shorter ribs taste better from the oven, they are a light-colored fluid that lifts them to the surface. I make zippers for this sauce all the time, and keep them in the fridge for storage for meat, fish, even pasta. Made with cilantro, parsley, garlic, and vinegar, it has an acid-y punch that prevents the whole dish from losing weight.

And, since we eat with our eyes first, I like to finish this dish with a few decorations that add color, zing-y taste, and refreshment. Before serving, I peel fresh herbs, and then sprinkle on a thin layer of red onion and lemon zest.

If you are doing this for short ribs, be sure to post this below, and post it on Instagram @camillestyles, to see how your short ribs work. Fun holiday treat!

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