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Three Trader Joe’s Meal Hacks

Trader Joe's Meal Hacks

When we were on Fire Island a few years ago, my friend Linsey disappeared into the tiny kitchen of our rental house, with five little kids running underfoot. Fifteen minutes later, she emerged with the most delicious pulled pork tacos. Crazily enough, she revealed that she had used mostly Trader Joe’s stuff. Here’s her “recipe,” plus a few others…

From Linsey:

Pulled Pork Tacos
TJ BBQ Pulled Pork
TJ Tortillas
TJ Mango Salsa
TJ Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese

Heat up the pulled pork. Then pile on tortilla with mango salsa, cheese and avocado. That’s it!

From my sister:

Trader Joe's Meal Hacks

Boursin and Pea Ravioli

Any kind of TJ Ravioli
1/2 container of Boursin cheese (which Trader Joe’s sells CHEAP)
Dash of olive oil
1/2 cup TJ frozen peas
1/2 pack of TJ Organic Baby Spinach (optional)

Make the ravioli and peas separately. Then mix together, and stir in Boursin and olive oil. If you’d like, stir in baby spinach, which will wilt when mixed with the warm pasta. Add pepper to taste.

From my mom:

Trader Joe's Meal Hacks

Stuffed Red Peppers
Half bag of TJ Harvest Grains
Half can of TJ Cowboy Caviar
4 red peppers
Sour cream

Make half the bag of harvest grains. Then mix in half the can of Cowboy Caviar (or more if you’d like it spicier). Cut off the top of the red peppers and pull out any seeds or ribs. Fill peppers with mixture. Put in a baking pan covered with foil in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes. Serve with sour cream or yogurt.

What Trader Joe’s recipe hacks do you have? Also, have you seen this Ode to Trader Joe’s? Hahaha.

Cup of Jo has been running for 15 years, so now and again, we highlight one of the most popular posts from the past. Here’s one of our favorites, originally published on September 1, 2016.

PS The fanciest Trader Joe’s dessert, and how to get kids to eat vegetables.

(Top photo by Stella Blackmon, second two photos by Tory Williams for Cup of Jo. This post is not sponsored, we just love Trader Joe’s 🙂

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