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Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest on Her Work, Cooking Tips, & More

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Next, get into the life and work of Tieghan Gerard, founder of Half Baked Harvest.

Do you remember when the work methods were laid in stone? You learn the job you choose, get a job in your field after graduation, and climb a ladder. Needless to say, these days the culture has deteriorated as more and more young people have opted out of college to do their own thing – think of YouTube makers, TikTok stars, or Twitch streamers. Thanks to the internet, we have the entire university knowledge library in our hands, not to mention online courses and courses that everyone can easily access. Instead, Google is how Tieghen Gerard learned his cooking skills and made him his best blog Half Baked Harvest in 2012.

“Anything I had questions about Googled,” he admits. “I did not grow up in a family that loves cooking, so much of what I learned came from Google … and more importantly, experimentation is wrong. I really learn by doing this, so when I cook and photograph, I learn a lot.”

Since then, it has gained 3.6 million followers on Instagram, featured on all major movies including The Cooking Channel, Food Network, and HGTV, and has written three best-selling cookies in addition to its most recent, Half Baked Harvest Every Day and more. more than 120 satisfying recipes. If there is one thing that Gerard does well, it is making food that makes you feel good. We met with Gerard at our recent vacation conference at Camille’s home in Austin to discuss all the activities, including misconceptions about her job, cooking tips, proper equipment, and so on. information. More! Keep reading to be more motivated.

photo above by kristen kilpatrick, the rest by michelle nash

Let’s go back to the beginning — What was the bulb of the lamp bulb in your business / occupation and what motivated you to follow this path?

Well, technically I started Half Baked Harvest at the age of 17. My mother encouraged me to start a food blog as I was enjoying cooking very well — yes, the very first days of blogging. We all got the name Half Baked Harvest, and it was my mom who came up with the nickname. However, I did not do it again until I was 19. I had big plans to go to a fashion school in LA, but after working there in the summer when I was 18, I regretted that it was not the right way for me. And I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on school education when I didn’t know. So I decided to return to Colorado. Feeling very weak and insecure about my next move, it was my mother who also encouraged me to start writing a food blog. Without much of a hindrance, I wrote my first blog post, and honestly, I did not look back. I had no plans, either for my mother or I never thought what HBH would be like, but I always said it was one of the best choices in life I made.

What is one of the worst ideas about your job?

Well, there is more. I don’t think people understand the amount of work that goes into running a website and brand. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. There are obvious… cooking, painting, painting, cleaning, and writing. But there are also social networking sites that are very time-consuming, then save the page, chat with your audience – on the blog and on TV – and then direct the group. I mean, the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on People think it’s cooking and eating a lot, but it’s actually a very small portion.

If someone really wants your role, what advice can you give them about how to use their dreams?

You just have to start. Do not let fear of the unknown intimidate you. Starting is the hardest part. But once you start, you get better, and you surprise yourself in the air. You will learn so as you go. I also encourage you to contact others for advice. I know it can be dangerous, but you never know until you try it and in my experience, most people are just so excited to just give up their experience!

If you could prove your success to one thing or one minute, what would it be?

Consistency and good work ethic. None of this happened overnight. It was many years of producing good things on a regular basis, engaging in daily activities, and connecting with our team. It is usually late in the evening and very early in the morning. You should really like this activity because it is not a 9-5 task. It’s all hours, all days of the week but I love what I do, so it doesn’t always seem like work!

Describe a day known to you.

They vary greatly from day to day. I am a person of dawn and when I wake up, I go for a walk right away. I draw water and walk out the door. It is my favorite part of the day, and I will be a great producer. When I get home I make up my morning routine (I like to take good care of it morning and night and I won’t miss any), then I grab my coffee and go to our studio to start work that day. If I am cooking (which is most days), I will respond to a few emails first. Then I start cooking, taking pictures, and drawing recipes until the sun goes down. Our team sends me text messages all day long, but they know that I will not always reply until sunset. As soon as the evening came, I sat at the computer / phone and worked on the TV for long hours until dinner. Then I try to get rid of all the showers and do what I love at night (bathing, skin care, and lighting my candles). I like to eat without any work to keep my brain cool. Then he goes to sleep.

What does “cooking / cooking outside the lines” mean to you?

For me, that’s coming out of the box. Taking a regular daily routine and re-introducing it in a new way is something that makes it unique and very tasty. Try new things, add color to your food, and change things a little!

What do you drink when you wake up? And what is breakfast?

I always drink warm water, and soon there will be warm water and lemon juice. When I get home from a walk, I usually have one cup of black coffee and espresso. I am not a person who likes breakfast, but my favorite is nuts or almond butter and bananas.

What cooking utensils should you have and why?

What you really need is a sharp knife, a cutting board, and a metal skillet. Staub then I love it! With these three ingredients, you can cook, bake, or cook anything. Simply put, you do not need a ton of kitchen equipment. Although I use a lot of cookies!

The cooking tool you always give first and why?

Throwing iron curtain! It is an important thing that everyone should have. It is easy to cook with, easy to clean, and you will have it for the rest of your life.

What are your favorite cookbooks and why?

I do not read many cookbooks. I love getting encouragement from abroad. I love old cookbooks that used to belong to my grandparents. And Eden Grinshpan’s Eating Up it’s amazing! It has some delicious oriental recipes.

Tell us a few things we always find in your fridge?

Avocado, cheese, butter, lots of fresh fruit, whole vegetables, goat’s milk!

What about your pantry? What do you always have with you?

Fine olive oil, Rao marinade sauce, tomato paste, nut butter, olives, raw nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, and anything else cooked. I try to keep them in good condition.

What scares you about entertainment?

Release everything in time. It is difficult to take care of a lot of food, different cooking times… and guests coming to the party.

What is a cook?

Honestly, not too much. Cooking does not have to be complicated, and it is fun! I think I don’t like to burn things that I do sometimes.

Your brother signature parties?

I love Brie cuisine as well as short sliced ​​ribs, as well as a large salad.

One meal you always make at home and why?

It has a beer loaf! Everything is simple and always well made at home when enjoyed by the fire.

Dinner party peeve pet?

People who appear in a hurry. No host is ready early!

The best menu for a dinner party includes:

I hate music, so I often have someone with me make me a playlist.

Middle answer:

Seasonal yields are my favorite of all time. I love using pomegranates to create a fun vacation spot. And in the summer I use freshly cut flowers from the yard.

Dream of a guest dinner?

My Nonnie! She passed away a few years ago and is a wonderful guest at the dinner party. I want to make her a very nice party. It would be so much fun!

Type the words:

Good food should be… created by anyone who will enjoy the food.
It is not a dinner party without … cocktails to trigger things.
Every cook needs to know how to do it… actively throw a cheese board together for wonderful guests.

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