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Tikka Masala Pasta Will Take Your Food To The Next Session

I have come to ask for the pastor to have his own day of the week. We have taco Tuesdays and Fridays for pizza, and some of us do it without meat on Mondays, so why should the pasta not come in again? At my house, Sunday night is pasta night. Whether you are a lasagna or an old-fashioned spaghetti with meatballs and your jam, I think the best part of the Nutrition is the endless potential for pasta. Very stupid? In the winter to supplement my Sunday Pasta with fresh and spicy ingredients, I turned to an unexpected but amazing combination that can create more than once a week. Enter the final version: tikka masala pasta.

There are some people who are clean when it comes to food — these are not the way of the people (hello, Mr.) when we get to the Indian-fusion restaurant, they are always not impressed. My brother and I, however, like to distinguish why certain ingredients and methods that are common to one meal work best when mixed with others. It’s magical when two cooking countries come together to create something new and amazing.

Many of the foods we eat today are the result of mixing cultures together. Even Auntie’s stories from my area often talk about this inclusion in the diet. Without finding any other ingredients when he came to the US, he learned to adapt and use what he had to recycle the flavors he was accustomed to or to come up with new ones – the results are the best in the world. (Priya Krishna’s Roti Pizza is one of my favorite examples of this.)

When I started cooking this, I realized that there is no such way sanathe work. Although the origins of my favorite chicken tikka masala are controversial, my brother’s origins were through the weddings I attended and grew up with. My brother and I would take the chicken soup around the buffet tray and generously pour it over our rice dishes. My mother did not cook at home, but tikka masala was always ordered in our favorite Indian restaurants. There is a reason people love tikka masala. It’s delicious and sweet and a little sweet at the same time. It’s really good at everything. And when you think about it, tikka masala pasta is like Indian alla vodka pasta.

Then let’s talk about the recipe and answer some questions. Each gravy recipe is a little different, but it is the best part. Once you download the formula, you can adjust and adjust the spices to suit your preferences. If you want to heat up a bit, toss the peppers or add the chili powder. Like something very sweet? Add garam masala a little. Use what I write below in The Secret as a guide, but as always, trust your guts!

Can I make a sauce in advance?

Yes! I highly recommend it. When making the sauce, let it cool completely, then store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. When you are ready to eat, pour the sauce into a large saucepan and reheat a little while cooking the pasta. You can add extra fat or sprinkle with heavy cream when reheating if you want to loosen the sauce a little.

Can I use some pasta?

Absolutely. While this is good for rigaton and fettuccine, I think using ravioli or other stuffed pasta takes this to some degree of fun. You can also use a spaghetti squash, gluten-free pasta, or gnocchi. The choices are endless.

Can I make this vegetable?

Also yes. Use coconut milk instead of heavy cream and vegan butter instead of butter to make the sauce green.

I like cooking hot pasta, chopped parmesan, and fine olive oil. Add a Caesar salad on the side and you have enough food to have on your return each night. This is one of the coolest and hottest foods to enjoy in this winter. Try it, and let me know if you do this! Good luck with the pastor Sunday!

If you do this, please share with me, @suruchiavasthi and @camillestyles to see and share your magical experiences!

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