dog in the snow

dog in the snow

The dark winter days made me feel lonely. (Exhibit A: This 2008 post!) But over the years, I have found hacks, and even though I am a person struggling with anxiety and depression, I hope the winter can be … good? Sweet? Fun ?!

Here are a few suggestions:
* Take long walks and podcasts
* Learn your favorite cooking method
* Invite a few friends to play games with you, such as Spyfall or Codenames
* Watch your trial and video console (and, if you can’t think of one, watch Palm Springs)
* Turn on the world’s most perfumed perfumes * lovers only *
* Set up a small cookie club or club
* Or just invite a few people over for a meal
* Ask a friend to name their favorite book and then read it for yourself
* (Bonus points if you read in bed eating Reese Pumpkins)
* Go to the museum and see one a piece of art
* Candles lit for dinner (and magic immediately)
* Watch the most popular video you have ever seen
* Ask a parent or relative one evening on the phone
* Take several branches of magnolia to your home; it is beautiful and durable

What do you do for fun in the winter (excluding being in California, haha)? I am curious and want to hear. Here are seven more ideas, if you like.

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(Photo by Giada Canu / Stocksy.)