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Trader Joe’s Knockoffs vs. Original Brands: Which is better?

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

The other day, looking at the Crackers section at Trader Joe’s, I picked up a box of “Classic Original” water containers – similar to the cartoon pictures of Carr I grew up with – and I thought to myself for a thousand years: Wow, Trader Joe’s really impelled. (Also very good on the starting budget!) Then, I asked myself, can anyone know the difference between the original and ersatz? This I started experimenting for a week, writing to friends, co-workers, and relatives to enjoy each other’s company. This is how it turned out…

Water Crackers (above)
Let’s start with the cracker who inspired the whole story. Joanna, with whom I had a meal last week, was the test taker. He had a very strong impression that was already in place saying that Trader Joe’s knock did not affect the original, however, although he admitted, “It was a lot closer than I thought.” In the end, however, we all thought the knock was too dry. “Acne does not have to be this way; they just mean to show cheese. Dryness removes it from there.
Winner: First

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

I did not want the spectacles to spoil the taste, so most of the tests were done blindly. But: “It’s Frito,” said my husband, Andy, in the middle of the Zoom meetings, with the conviction he made – even before he came. to taste knock – to emphasize decades of desire. The Trader Joe brand has a solid texture, mainly because it sounds like it was made (and sold) for weeding and dipping, but it got good marks from all of us because of the taste of real corn. Not so with the original, which remained very dominant.
Winner: First

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

Macaroni & Cheese
It was forever since I made mac and cheese out of the box, even though it was one of my hobbies as a kid. As a result, I followed the cooking instructions in the letter and was shocked to find that the original was intended four tablespoon of oil to add milk and cheese pack. How do you compete with four tablespoons of butter for each? The truth is, you can’t win the Kraft word of mouth, but the Trader brand was very sharp in umami in terms of its taste. very paid. I grew up with Kraft, but Trader Joe’s was better.
Winner: Wa Trader Joe

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

The Oreo
This has only added to the quality of Oreo. “There’s almost no taste in chocolate,” Andy said of the knock. “It’s just delicious.” For me, it was more of a design. Oreos has a very thin, thin, cookie-shaped cookie. They feel bound to dissolve in milk and retain their shape.
Winner: First

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

The Pringle
“This tastes like potatoes,” says 19-year-old Phoebe. “If I want potato chips, I’ll eat Cape Cods. But if I want Pringles, I want Pringles. “I knew what he meant – some cracks don’t have to be, you know, natural – but I do not agree at all with the statement that if you keep them all in the same dimension of the “salt car,” they all persist, and the well-known original explosion contradicts the knock.
Winner: Pushing up

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

The original butcher has a very different taste from me, I think it is impossible to repeat. As a result, it amazed me that – although there were quite a few hills in the beginning – the two were relatively unknown. (And, I might add, you get a very bang way for your money with Trader Joe’s Bible.) “It’s just a fantasy,” Andy said. “His taste is the same.”
Winner: Wa Trader Joe

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

Peanut Butter Cups
When Joanna texted me that she was a Reeses fan, I couldn’t decide if it made her the best or the worst to try. In the end, he found Reeses to be a great, uncompetitive person. “Trader Joe’s cups taste great with chocolate. Reese’s are salt and sugar and I love them so much and I eat them every night until the day I die.”
The winner: Original

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

I think I shouldn’t be surprised, but there was no competition with these two. “Trader Joe just disappeared, no taste,” she added to Joanna. Cheerios is oatier. ” I agree on all of these points, adding that Cheerio’s appearance is more beautiful than the knock, which turns into a mushroom very quickly in a milk bowl.
Winner: First

Ma Knockoffs a Trader Joe vs.  Original Brands

Fruits and Nuts Christmas
I’m a big fan of Lesley Stowe’s beachfront, especially when I want to bring it on a plate of cheese, but I have never been through the cracks of the stickers. Seven Dollars looks like a lot on a small pack of crackers (and I’ve seen them sell for $ 8) even though I love their unpretentious taste and their chewing gum. My friend Robin described the Trader brand as “almost a cookie” and it only costs $ 3.99.
The winner: Dropping

What are your thoughts on the knockoffs? I know you have! Please share.

Breakfast for PS A Trader Joe, as well as our recent TJ favorites.

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