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Updates on Kim Rhodes, Our Wonderful Assistant Editor

Kim Rhodes

Today, I would like to share the stories of Kim Rhodes, a great collaborative editor, many of whom have loved his writings over the past few years. Last November 2021, Kim underwent emergency brain surgery and has been recovering well under the supervision of medical teams, friends and relatives. Although the upcoming move will be challenging, his team remains optimistic.

Everyone who has ever met him knows that Kim is a bright light. She joined the Cup of Jo in the summer of 2019 – on her first day, she wore a gold sequin skirt that danced lightly on the walls and ceiling, which sounded like a perfect fit for her personality. In the office, they always confuse us and they know our TV shows, podcasts and memes. He has written famous pieces of everything from Trader Joe’s thighs and buttocks to NYC and started in his 30s to the brand and body acclaim.

I know that many of you will ask how you can support Kim and her family during this difficult time. GoFundMe has been set up by Kim Erin’s friend to help her continue her medical care and to bring her closer to her parents. As you know, the cost of medical care, transportation, care and other purchases goes up rapidly, throughout recovery. We know she will be impressed to appreciate any help. And her friend, Steven, wrote this beautiful note:

“People have been asking what they can do for Kim. I want Kim to know that the work she has started in life is ongoing, and I would like to ask people to help her continue this work by doing some of the following:
– Support black business.
– Strengthen personal health awareness.
– Promote proper care for black women.
– Write something from the heart that illuminates the truth that you understand others need to know.
– Make your loved one laugh for no reason.
– Find new ways to tell people you love them.
– Act boldly even when you are scared.
– Strive to make the world a better place by living in it. “

Thank you, thank you for reading Kim’s work over the years and proving that she is an amazing person. And thank you for considering GoFundMe. We wish you well, Kim. We love you.

(Photo by Christine Han.)

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