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Vacation Photos: Charleston, SC | Cup Yo

For the past ten years, we’ve been Christmas in Palm Springs, but this year, Alex’s mother moved east, so we moved to South Carolina. It was so beautiful! I posted pictures on Instagram, but I thought I’d share them here again, if you want to see…

We settled in Folly Beach, a small coastal town about 20 minutes outside the city. Have you ever been (or lived there)? I wondered if we could hear it from afar, but it was relaxed and peaceful.

We were lucky with our Airbnb, which had a cool balcony and room fans. Also, I wouldn’t think of painting in a black living room, but it worked. We also walked to the main street of the shops and restaurants, which were several blocks away.

We had a chat with mom and her sister Alex, who people say looks like a former SNL actress Cheri Oteri. Do you see it?

One evening, the boys were okondwa rent a golf cart and look for neighbors.

“Ride a golf cart drinking coke containing caffeine? Now this is life, ”says eight-year-old Anton.

You can look for shark teeth on the beach! (Our host at Airbnb recommended the area around 9th Street West.)

We used to cook at home, but one night we went to eat at the Post House Inn. How beautiful is the outside of the egg shell?

Hotel rooms are located above the stairs. Sleeping at night should be fun and enjoyable.

We also spent countless hours “knocking,” as Alex points out. We had fun at Airbnbs, playing Pictionary or playing the Would You Like game.

One night, the boys got into a fight, and I sent them to the bathroom to cool off. A few minutes later, Toby came out with this pen, which made me laugh like two days. Always the maximum play! (He often signs the words, “Your beloved son, Tobias,” haha.)

Thanks, Folly Beach, for a great trip! What did you do on vacation? Do you have any hopes / dreams for this trip? xo

PS Traveling alone, is a wonderful thing we do on vacation.

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