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What About You?

Amy Poehler

One day, I was shopping at the grocery store and listening to a funny podcast by Amy Poehler, when something struck me …

In questions, Poehler consistently admitted his personal preferences. They might say “I’m very proud…” and then talk about such qualities as being quick-witted, efficient, or belonging to Generation X. He was proud and attractive, and it didn’t sound like arrogance. proud of him!

Here is the shop:

I remember doing SNL one time and you are blocking the form. You will have these moments in between with the hosts who are a few minutes to talk. Christopher Walken is, without a doubt, one of the most influential men in history, isn’t he? We were doing some activities and we had to sit down at the table and wait for them to notice something of the camera. And he just kept quiet …

And I didn’t want to bother her. So I started to feel like, wow, how long is this going to last? How far will we go? And, you know, it was like a Pixar tour in my head where I wanted to talk not only to talk and sweat but not to sweat and then get angry at him and then think he was weird or whatever …

I don’t think the same thing was going on in his head… I like to have fun. I am very proud that people are feeling better and safer and more secure. I like to do things.

Walking in the ways of Trader Joe’s, I felt inspired by this wonderful woman in recognition of her amazingness. His character also reminded me of Snoop Dog’s official statement after finding the Hollywood star: “I want to thank you. I want to thank you for believing in me. I want to thank you for your hard work.” Yes!

So, tell me: How proud are you? Let’s be unforgiving! I want to hear. xo

PS 12 comments on kindness, and Amy Poehler’s clever mantra.

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