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What Are The Most Cheap Things To Do In NYC?

western country bikes

western country bikes

I love living in New York City. That is, it is not perfect. Nowadays, trains are slow, rats are thriving and the cost of living is high. There is nothing I can do on the subway, and I wonder every day, How can rats manage to stay here?, I know he won’t tell me. Instead, my goal is to create something cheaper! Here are five ideas for activities that can save you money and make you remember why you love New York…

1. Beach It. Winter, for me, is the coastline. I will not answer any more questions at this time! I can’t stress enough how fun it is to wear a shirt and shoes, and then take a bus to Brighton Beach. The trail is beautiful in winter and beautiful in the snow. Heat with Georgian cuisine, or ‘cheese bread,’ available locally for $ 5.

2. Book Ilo. I recognize it as a book. If you do, make friends with your local library and your local bookstore, then stay on top of their list. This is usually free when your favorite writers and writers you have never heard of will appear in front of you and then you can show it to other magicians like me for a few months later.

3. Screaming. Dogs are expensive, but you do not have to have them to benefit from their good friend. Find out if your neighborhood needs a volunteer dog walker, such as Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn. There are many beautiful dogs that enjoy fresh air and have company. It is not a great commitment; you can stop every day from 11am to 5:30 pm and fill out a short form to go with the dog, and you have a great time in the park near your sidekick.

4. Cycling. Even an ordinary cyclist like me gets caught fixing expensive bikes. The city offers free bicycle repair classes, plus some great tips for improving your wheels. I know it sounds like magic, but it just means keeping your wheels straight and ‘true’ when changing ghosts.

5. Bring Home. Decorating also sounds expensive, but Craigslist and Freecycle have some free stuff your New York friends are offering. So enjoy your home. Stained glass windows, beautiful old bookenders, handcrafted boxes; Just one evening, I found all this treasure online and could be found to take it to my neighbors’ houses.

These five ideas I offer to you, cheerfully, for free! You have probably already noticed that not only do these ideas show you a fun time, they bring you closer to your community. This is important, because we all need each other and you, yes. you, it is the most important part of our city. Now I’m curious: What can you add?

Maeve Higgins is an author whose work appears frequently in The New York Times, The New York Review of Books and The Guardian. Born in New York from Ireland, he loves NPR very much and has a weekly comedy show in Brooklyn. By 2020, his role in the comedy film Extra Ordinary became world-famous. His new book Tell Everyone on the Train I Love It Coming Out Today.

PS Our fifth director in NYC and Joanna is repeating 20 years in NYC (including the latest comic book).

(Top photo by Vivienne Gucwa / Stocksy. Photo by author by Mindy Tucker.)

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