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What Best Movies Have You Seen Recently?

Have you seen any good movies lately? Here are four upcoming movies that look good …

Beans (November 5th). Summary: “Twelve-year-old beans are about to perish: broken down between innocence and careless youth; Forced to grow up fast and become a powerful Mohawk soldier who was to survive the Oka Crisis, a riot that ravaged Quebec and Canada for 78 days in the summer of 1990. “The trailer looks amazing.

Spencer (November 5th). Description: The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is already cold. While rumors of an affair and divorce are increasingly common, peace is established at a Christmas party on Queen’s Sandringham Estate. There is eating and drinking, shooting and hunting. Diana knows the game. But this year things will be very different. Spencer is a glimpse of what would happen during those few dangerous days. “Preliminary comments say Kristen Stewart is a revelation.

Thawani (December 3). The statement: “Thawani tells the story of Amin Nawabi as she struggles with a bitter secret she has been hiding for 20 years, threatening to ruin the life she made for herself and her future husband. He is portrayed primarily through video footage of director Jonas Poher Rasmussen, telling for the first time the story of his mysterious journey as a refugee from Afghanistan. “The video artist sounds amazing.

Son (December 10). It says: “A play described as’ a play on the art of emotion, culture, culture, history and politics. during which a terrorist group took refuge in a holiday in 2011. At the hospital, the family’s secret will be revealed. ” Stories of hurting children are hard to see, but wow the reaction seems amazing.

Also, a few we’ve discussed: Licorice Pizza by King Richard and Don’t Look Up. Also, Sing 2 for the little boys !!!

What about you? What good movies have you seen recently? What are you waiting for?

PS What’s the biggest, brightest fall series, and which of your three top films are always?

(Top photo from Beans.)

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