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What Comedies Are You Watching These Days?

I Want You Back movie

I Want You Back movie

What funny TV shows or movies have you enjoyed this winter? Many people (myself included) are craving pick-me-up stories and laugh-out-loud scenes, so here are three recommendations…

Have you seen Somebody, Somewhere on HBO? The comedy follows Sam, a forty-something ex-bartender, as she moves back to her Kansas hometown and grapples with her future. Life isn’t easy – her mom is an alcoholic, her sister’s marriage is a sham, her own career is going nowhere fast – but comic relief comes whenever she hangs out with her co-worker Joel. They have the giggliest friend chemistry and are a joy to watch.

My husband is hanging out with a friend tonight, so my big plan is to make popcorn and watch the rom-com I Want You Back. Here’s the premise: Peter and Emma first meet in a stairwell, after both of them got unceremoniously dumped. Determined to win back their respective exes, they hatch a madcap plan… and if I don’t laugh and cry, I want my money back. (Plus, I LOVE Jenny Slate and Gina Rodriguez.)

On March 18th, Life & Beth, a comedy series staring Amy Schumer, will premiere on Hulu. The funny trailer (above) shows her shaking up her life – dumping her boyfriend, quitting her job, moving towns – but the series description pushes it further: “when a sudden incident forces her to engage with her past, her life changes forever. ” So curious to watch!

What are you into these days? I’d love to hear…

PS The ultimate TV guide, and what’s your comfort movie?

(Top photo from I Want You Back.)

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