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What Do You Use Slang?


Once we started dating, Alex was always busy preparing dinner. (She’s very warm.) I called down in the hall, “Hurry up, baby! The answer? “I’ll be there in two shakes.”

As such, the two vibrations of the Lamb’s Tail.

Over the next few months, he continued to publish proverbs. If someone was friendly, they could say they “blow their mouths.” If he had a light conversation, he would tell me, “We had a chinwag.” One day we were late, and he said, “We need to slap our cheeks,” which made me laugh all the time.

We learn a lot of slang in childhood, don’t we? Growing up in Michigan, I use a lot of western terms – salt instead of grouchy, pop instead of soda. And our British friend, who is planning a dinner party, suddenly worried he could eat. He called several of his close friends and said, “FHB.” We were confused, so he said: “Family, stop it,” meaning that we would not have to fill our bowls until there were enough guests.

Today, eight-year-old Anton speaks a different language. He uses many new words for us, including “sus” (everything and sus today) and “flex” (as in, “my friends were rotating around their parties”), I have to work to keep going.

Now, I want to know: What slang do you use? Or funny fat? Where did you grow up? Please share here…

The English words for PS that should be present, as well as the words that I love the most.

(Photo by Ali Lanenga / Stocksy.)

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