the father pushes his daughter

the father pushes his daughter

How sweet is this idea on birthdays or holidays? A reader named K. says: “We came up with the idea of ​​a coupon. We write things like, ‘You choose a family movie at night,’ or ‘ice cream for breakfast,’ or, what everyone likes, ‘one hour alone with mom’ (or dad). CHILDREN love this and talk about it often. Choosing a 30-minute show to watch on a random Tuesday when often the same night is not on display is fun. ”

a father painting his daughters' nails

Very interesting, isn’t it? I discussed a few more:
* Mom takes you to school to eat hot chocolate
* Dads chat with you (pushing, sprints, etc.)
* Find a time to sleep longer
* You choose the car music for the entire trip (!!!)
* One night NOT to clean the dinner table
* Add one item to the menu
* Choose what men make for dinner
* Wear nails with mom
* Play card games with men
* Moms bring you videos that you do amazing things
* Select one of your selected books from the bookstore
* Find half an hour of exposure time

mothers and children on the beach

Thoughts? What can you add?

PS A slamdunk gift for children (for $ 1) I go to visit your child.

(Men doing push ups for MaaHoo Studio / Stocksy. Men painting nails by Tanya Yatsenko / Stocksy. Women on the beach by Erin Brant / Stocksy.)