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What Is L-Theanine? A Nutritionist Expert on the Benefits and Supplements You Can Try

There are two types of people in the world: Coffee lovers, and those who love coffee but hate the consequences. If you are like me, shake two over two cups with a non-stop ticket full of caffeine. If so, find out – what if I told you that there is a scientifically proven, cheap way to make your morning coffee difficult for you? What if you could reduction jitters are scary from coffee, as well to cultivate positive effects of caffeine? Yes, it is possible. Let me introduce you to a powerful group called l-theanine. They are the best in the world: High energy and mental endurance. With l-theanine, you can drink your coffee and drink it again. In today’s article, we’re talking about l-theanine, where to find it, and how to change your morning joe cup.

What Is L-Theanine?

L-theanine is an amino acid found mainly in green and black tea. They are the ones responsible for the other notes of the green tea. It is also found in many, in some mushrooms. In the case of supplements, it is available in tablets, powder, or tablet form. Instead, amino acids are responsible for regulating brain function. Increases the activity of alpha brain waves (relaxing thoughts without causing sleep), promotes relaxation. It is known as a nootropic-cognitive enhancer. In this case, it is 100% valid. In fact, its main benefit is the ability to reduce mental fatigue.

When L-theanine is combined with caffeine tea, it allows tea to produce a longer lasting feeling (compared to caffeine alone). Tea does not release caffeine into the body more slowly than coffee. In fact, the effects of caffeine are driven by l-theanine. Once you know more.

How Does Caffeine Benefit?

So how do the two work together? They are a strong family. When combined, there is a pronounced synergistic effect. Focus on developing interest, awareness, and energy, as well as reducing stress and mental stability. Research shows that it has a profound effect on the mental state of mind. With l-theanine, you can turn your morning coffee into a tool. Instead of drinking matcha? We love it too. Best of all, l-theanine and caffeine are found in large amounts in a simple cup of green tea.

Photo by Michelle Nash.

Photo courtesy: Michelle Nash

5 Benefits of L-Theanine

Although l-theanine is not essential amino acid, can improve your health. Below are five of these powerful dynamics.

1. It Can Improve Cognitive Performance

Studies show that l-theanine has the ability to stimulate alpha brain waves — especially those that tend to be anxious. Even with amino acids, l-theanine works similarly to adaptogen, in terms of reducing stress and improving your stress response. Instead, when you are in trouble, your body produces cortisol. And cortisol interferes with your ability to look and make informed decisions. When you take l-theanine, it can reduce the amount of stress hormones so you can look your best. As mentioned, l-theanine provides additional nootropic benefits when combined with caffeine.

2. And reduce the symptoms of anxiety

L-theanine is used at rest. Double-blind studies have shown that it can be helpful in reducing anxiety symptoms. Interestingly, this supplement can help relax without causing drowsiness. Reducing effects have been proven for those suffering from depressive disorders and / or daily stressors.

3. It Can Help Improve Blood Pressure

In terms of stress, l-theanine may be beneficial for those experiencing high blood pressure in stressful situations. One study found that people who regularly had high blood pressure after other mental activities found that L-theanine contributed to lowering blood pressure. In the same study, the researchers reported that caffeine had similar but less beneficial effects

4. It Can Also Promote Sustainable Security

Some studies suggest that L-theanine may boost the immune system. One study found that l-theanine could help reduce upper respiratory tract infections. Another study found that antioxidants in green tea, twice as much as l-theanine, could be effective in preventing colds. More research is needed, but the first ones are promising.

5. It Can Promote Good Sleep

Some research suggests that l-theanine may be beneficial for sleep well, which may be because it helps promote respiration. Researchers in one study found that a dose of 250 mg and 400 mg of l-theanine significantly reduced sleep in animals and humans. Finally, l-theanine is known to calm, stabilize, and promote sleep.

Photo courtesy: Michelle Nash

Signs You Need L-Theanine

Often, do you feel anxious after drinking caffeine? Jittery? L-theanine may modify the effects of caffeine intake. Obviously, maintaining your blood sugar properly while taking caffeine is important, but l-theanine also helps. Because l-theanine affects your GABA levels, it can help you enjoy caffeine alert without feeling frustrated or anxious. Finally, the symptoms you need for l-theanine include tremors when taking caffeine, excessive daytime anxiety, and poor eyesight. L-theanine can also help those with sleep disorders, due to inability to relax.

Can You Get L-Theanine Through Diet?

Although some teas are rich in theanine, and are found in supplements, they are not abundant in the diet. The most common dietary supplement for l-theanine is tea. Although green tea contains a lot of theanine, there are other types of tea that also contain amino acids.

Here are the amounts of L-theanine in different types of tea:

  • Green tea: 6.56 mg / g
  • White tea: 6.26 mg / g
  • Oolong Tea: 6.09 mg / g
  • Black tea: 5.13 mg / g

It is important to note that the content of l-theanine tea can vary greatly due to the time of preparation and preparation of the tea. Also, keep in mind that herbal teas are not made from tea leaves and do not contain theanine. In addition, some mushrooms contain less l-theanine. For example, Porcini mushrooms contain amino acids. The most effective way to get l-theanine in your diet is to drink green tea.

Photo courtesy: Michelle Nash

How to Take

Generally, l-theanine is considered safe with no direct side effects. Most people take 100-200 mg of theanine in capsules or mix it in powder form in their coffee to avoid the effects of caffeine. If you are taking capsules, it is best to take l-theanine in the morning about 30 minutes before you start drinking your coffee. You can take a combination of l-theanine on an empty stomach without any food supplement. Although there are no known major side effects of l-theanine, you should talk to your doctor before taking it as a dietary supplement — especially if you are taking certain medications or are suffering from an illness.

What Is Possible

As mentioned, l-theanine is considered safe with no direct side effects. Many l-theanine supplements have been listed as GRAS (usually known as safe) by the Food and Drug Administration. However, this does not mean that the government has scrutinized the matter in detail. Here’s the most important note: No major side effects or side effects have been reported in relation to l-theanine use.

Remember that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, there is not enough information to determine if theanine is safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid using it. For children, l-theanine is safe when taken orally, for a short time. A dose of 400 mg daily has been used with caution for six weeks in men aged 8-12.

Photo credit: Kristen Kilpatrick

Best Time To Date To Take L-Theanine

If you are taking l-theanine to increase consciousness during the day, it is best to take L-theanine for about 30 minutes (in capsules or tablets) before eating your morning coffee. You can also add as flour to your coffee cup. The ratio of caffeine and theanine is usually 1: 2 (100 mg of caffeine and 200 mg of theanine). However, if you are using l-Theanine to help you fall asleep at night, it is best to take supplements between 30 minutes and an hour before bed. This gives you a regular amount of time to calm down and calm down before you go to bed.

Benefits of L-Theanine Supplements

Instead of sticking to green tea or eating kilograms of porcin mushrooms (anything we would not tolerate), there are benefits to taking l-theanine through a supplement form. It is practical, efficient, and flexible. L-theanine comes in tablets, capsules, and powders. Depending on the way you live, you may be able to make choices that fit your habits. L-theanine is not a drug, so there is no prescriptive drug that will stop the flow of emotions (please consult your doctor!). However, the supplement is obvious because of the drug, and l-theanine is usually available in tablet form of 200 mg. L-theanine supplements can help you feel more relaxed, calm, and reduce stress.

4 Additions I Make

Companies like Four Sigmatic are adding l-theanine to their coffee products to help you deal with your caffeine problem. Instead take a white supplement? Below are four l-theanine supplements I make.

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