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What Is Your Pro? | | Cup Yo

mother child

mother child

When we drive together, my dad often says …

‘Pro tip!’

Then he will tell me to turn the steering wheel without going through your hands or take your foot off the brake pedal at full speed. The word ‘pro tip’ always makes me laugh – confidence! conviction! #classicdad

But while eating with my friends the other night, I found myself doing the same. We were eating under the hot lights at Frankies Spuntino, and I announced, “Pro tip: It’s not on the menu, but you can order cavatelli and cauliflower instead of sausage.”

Pro tip! Ha. Everyone has it.

This week, I also read a thread by Helen Rosner about 14 things she learned when she was 40 years old, including “Be a friend who makes phone calls just when everyone else wants to eat” and “True, everyone’s body is beautiful, but the liberating realization is that everyone’s body is ugly.”

Under inspiration, I thought of 14 other things I have done over the years:
– If you do not know which karaoke song to choose, Eternal Fire is always fun.
– Every child and adult should read this book, and then discuss it for the rest of their lives.
– Love is a great group to play at dinner parties. Or, play the best ’80s songs on Spotify.
– Put mustard flour in crushed eggs.
– Be on time for transportation to the airport; it means so much to everyone.
– If you want to make fun of children, jump at random or shake anything you hold. Seeing an adult as difficult is the biggest thing in the world.
– Next, to discuss sleep issues, tell them about when you broke a bone, hit a bicycle, or got into trouble at school.
– You will not regret walking in the evening. Or walking in the morning. Or walking for lunch.
– You are more beautiful than you think.
– If you feel stressed, urinate and drink a glass of water.
– If you are scared, look at the green things around you until your mind is calm.
– Everyone thinks for themselves. No one thinks about you. If you realize this, you will be released forever.
– Say thank you.
—No difficult life. (This is from Olive Kitteridge.)

I am curious, what are your professional advice? Please share below!

PS The deception of life, the ideas of old age, and why men’s writings are so beautiful?

(Photo by Bo Bo / Stocksy.)

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