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What Meal Do You Cook at the End of a Long Day?

Last week, a reader named Emily wrote to us…

Emily had read this Brooklyn house tour, in which author Emma Straub had talked about go-to family meals. “Our # 1 most cooked dish,” said Straub, “is this sheet pan red onion tomato feta broccoli situation. That is always what we cook when we can’t possibly think about it. ”

“It made me think,” wrote Emily, “that I’d really like to hear other people’s simple meals to cook in a pinch.”

We’re glad you asked! My go-tos are constantly changing and usually egg-based – empty-the-fridge frittatas, migas, egg-and-cheese tortillas, scrambled eggs on toast – but another one that has been around forever is spicy chickpeas with yogurt.

I simply fry drained and dried chickpeas in olive oil; spike them with cayenne, onion powder, and a little smoked paprika; then serve with rice or store-bought naan, plain yogurt, and whatever herb I have around (cilantro, mint, etc). Finally, I add a drizzle of the Maggi tamarind sauce that I learned about from Priya Krishna and that is so good it’s drinkable. (If I have spinach, and I usually do, I’ll chuck that in at the end, too.)

What about you? What is your no-energy-left dinner in pinch?

PS Family dinners we’ve loved to death and reader’s best kitchen hacks.

(Top by Chelsea Cavanaugh for How to Celebrate Everything.)

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