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What Movies Can You Watch?

so I married an ax killer

so I married an ax killer

Recently, after visiting my aunt and uncle in England, I knew that three things would come true …

We ate roast chicken (my aunt always made it the night we arrived), read poetry (my grandparents love it) and watched So I Married an Assassin’s Creed.

My family has been watching love jokes for years, and we can say words from the end. Each time we were hating people, my sister and I would say, “It is hard for me. I am in great distress. ” If we go to pick up a check for dinner, but someone complains, we say, “No to infinity. Bad. Bad, good friend. No more!” GREAT. ”

My friend Gemma’s family is always looking at Back To The Future, and one of my friends has an annual view of Moana and her relatives. Throughout the year, I can see When Harry Meets Sally every day of the week, and Alex pretends to have seen Rosemary’s Baby. at least 30 times.

A friend named Lina relates: “My father used to watch me every year when I was a child, and each year he would cry for the last time. It was always frustrating to see my parents cry. So, now I watch it and cry at the end and it confuses my kids. “

Thoughts? What about you? If you want to be inspired, here are 10 best and worst family movies, according to kids; and here is the 8 minute movie that makes you cry.

PS What are your top three favorite movies, and which one do you watch the most?

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