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What to Do And How To Reduce Stress Quickly

We are always looking for better ways to deal with stress. Whether it’s meditation, deep breathing, a good detox bath, time spent outdoors, going for a walk, or a quick stretch, it’s best to have more equipment to increase stability each day. And if you want to add something to your stress reduction tools, we have that thing. Enter the Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT tapping-a therapeutic approach that can help reduce stress, relieve stress, and stress using meridian points.

After chatting with Kim Murray, an EFT specialist and meditative instructor, about everything and knocking, I decided to try a really hard day and was amazed at how I felt afterward. My heartbeat subsided, my brain sounded better, and I had those thoughts (and words of instinct — more later!), All day.

Spraying medication can help you when you feel you have other ideas and give you the tools to manage those thoughts. If you want to know how EFT imaging can help, Murray is here to tell us.

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What is EFT Tapping?

Based on a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, EFT beats were designed to stabilize the central nervous system by tapping a small meridian instead of needles to stimulate acupoints. As Murray explains, “It’s part of a neuro-linguistic program (using your voice to change your brain) and that’s why it’s so powerful to help you overcome your crippling beliefs – and it’s amazing to get to the point of a problem.”

Does EFT work?

Knocking can be used in a variety of ways that Murray points out, and the benefits are great because you are restoring your nervous system. Recent research has shown that EFT stroke can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and even physical pain. In another study, participants had lower heart rate, cortisol levels, and blood pressure after a stroke.

Murray argues that once you get rid of clutter you allow your brain to do whatever you are struggling with it can lead to positive results in things like anxiety, frustration, self-doubt, insecurity. , sleep apnea, heartache in the past, weight gain — the list goes on and on!

What are the benefits of tapping?

One of the most powerful ways that using a knocker can be used is to correct past pain (big or small). Murray observes: “It helps your brain to come to terms with superstitious beliefs, and fear helps you to control your emotions. “It allows your whole brain and body to change what happened in the past and ultimately free you from its power.”

How would people feel if they used EFT?

Murray shares that it can be very frustrating and people often cry and have big output. “This is very beneficial for your nervous system, but whether you cry or not, people always express that you feel calm, stable, and relaxed after the exercise,” he says.

Where is the starting point for EFT?

These are your starting points but there is more to it than people think. See all the details HERE.

  • Karate Chop – Small Intestine Meridian
  • Origin of Eye Skin – Bladder Meridian
  • Off the Eye – Gall Bladder Meridian
  • Under the Eye – Abdominal Meridian
  • Under the Nose – The Container Vessel
  • Chin – Central Vessel
  • Introduction to Collar Bone – Kidney Meridian
  • Under the Arm – Spleen Meridian
  • Above Head – Control Panel

The impact of EFT in Five Ways:

Follow the simple guide below and go to the Happy Head page to learn more about the EFT connection method:

1. Identify the issue and indicate the size of the idea you want to improve.

  • Feelings can be anxiety, mistaken beliefs, fears, fears, anxieties, or any difficulties you want to make. Allow feelings on a scale of 0 – 10.

2. Choose your set of words that identify the problem and include the acknowledgment statement.

3. Start by tapping your karate chop and repeating the words…

  • “Even though I have this (list the problem here), I love and agree with myself.”
  • “Even though I have this (type problem here), it’s okay, I’m a human being.”
  • “Even though I have this (list the problem here), I love my body and I love my mind.”

4. EFT Compliance.

  • Then walk around the body parts (5-7 times per item) using the language linked to the problem (for example, “this stress, my stress, fatigue, makes me feel…”

5. Test the final strength.

  • After a double rotation, take a deep breath (through the nose through the mouth) and measure the sensation force.
  • Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. Continue to use language that is most relevant to the problem and just go to the verification items if they are reduced.

EFT Tapping Tutorials

Happy Heads IGTV

Tapping method

And Tapping Points

Hitting To Reduce Anxiety

Hit To Overcome Extreme Heat

Click to Edit Past (Part 1)

Click to Edit Past (Part 2)

If you want to know more, Murray has a lot of free tools like the tutorials below on his page,

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