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Would You Like to Know More? The nutritionist shares tips on how to reduce your weight

I can’t say I’m a heavy drinker. Well I would say drunken suits, but honestly, I don’t know if those words are quite common these days. The plague left many of us at home safely and walking out of the box. * Post the box wine vision here. Alcoholic beverage delivery services were plentiful, the lack of order makes life seem more tolerant of certain behaviors, and each hour can be an hour of fun and post-Zoom pop of cork. After returning to a normal (new?) Lifestyle, I have become accustomed to the cocktails-before-cocktail-hour, but it has happened to me that soon my home wine cellar is full, and having my own trailer is more successful than ever. So I set out to find ways to reduce my drinking.

It has made me wonder if alcohol is in my brain so often for comfort. Do I ask my friends to join us for dinner but, in fact, we are waiting for a drink? I found myself looking at the beginning of this New Year with goals that go beyond my regular cleansing and detox standards. I started looking at all the “Dry January” goals, memes, gifs, and hashtags at the personal level. Was this a social media experiment or was it something that invited me to take a look inside?

All of this made me happy-no. Now, could this be the case for the festive month of ‘tinis and holidays’ in December being a milkshake until July? Zedi. But even though my thoughts were starting to change in my mind it made me think about fixing my actions. To achieve my goal of “libation down, level up”, I sat down with the health educator and founder of Healthy + Happy Method, Lauren Sandoval FNTP, to discuss the amount of alcohol we should drink and why we should drink it properly. is one of the most important aspects of success and being curious.

Remove, Lauren …

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Let’s face it: how much alcohol should we drink (max!) Each week?

For men, 14 drinks per week, and for women – 7 per week. Similarly, no more than 2 times a day. Make sure you match your pouring with regular pouring to make sure you get the correct numbers.

What are the benefits of abstinence from alcohol?

Alcohol cessation can lead to weight loss, improve liver function, reduce stress and depression, stabilizing energy, proper digestion, easy times and fertility, protection of immunity, and healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Although a slight reduction may reduce the amount of stress that it causes in the body, it will help it to heal on its own.

How can you maintain a good relationship with alcohol?

I think the first step is to realize. Pay attention to your thoughts and discussions about alcohol. Think about how you feel when you feel the most pain. Create boundaries of love around how you can use them safely without compromising your health and life goals. With my clients, we also create food labels and the profile allows them to better see the link between what they eat and what they gain.

Photo: Hannah Haston

What does it mean to be curious?

For me, it means exploring your relationship with alcohol rather than just speculating. Being curious means you have access to the limits that help you – there are no strict and fast rules.

Do you have advice on how to reduce alcohol consumption?

There are usually two ways that people tend to adopt a change – going inside or taking a child’s steps. I recommend that you find out what kind of person you really are and what it has to do with your personality and your lifestyle. When diving into people’s water, maybe Dry Januware will help you realize how you feel without it and give you solid instructions on how to do it. Although the baby’s steps need to drink more water between drinks and no more than twice a night. I also recommend finding a group to talk to. Check out those who are interested on Instagram or find a group to join – and don’t hesitate. You don’t have to do this perfectly to see the benefits, just be consistent. And do not destroy yourself when you do not follow exactly.

I start by just knowing how your brain works around alcohol. Most people are not in control of their bodies so being careful about how you think and feel before eating and after eating can be an eye opener. Give one glass of water to each alcoholic beverage. Drink slowly and try to drink slowly. You can also find good ways to abstain from alcohol. (More on this below!)

Why is quitting alcohol beneficial?

A little alcohol can be very beneficial in our lives to reduce stress, antioxidants, pain relief, etc. But too quickly leads to many problems. Alcohol can affect everything from your weight to hormones to your lifestyle and your health. Excessive use can lead to blood sugar imbalances, hormonal imbalances, cortisol and spikes of stress hormones, liver disease, and can affect the brain.

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How long should a person abstain from alcohol before they can see the effects?

Most of my clients feel good within a week. It’s pretty wild as you can quickly feel the difference. The problem is often with the pursuit of consistency. But even moderate use of alcohol can produce immediate results.

How do you stay consistent?

Have a plan for rejecting it when people ask. You could say “I already have it”, “I should drive”, or simply “No, thank you.” I also recommend having a glass in your hand so that it does not attract attention – sparkling water in a jar helps me. In the end, it’s up to you to decide how much you want to share. Alcohol is a big part of our culture so it is natural to think that there has been a comment. Feeling ready to answer can make things worse. If you are worried, try a meditative guide or pause on YouTube to help you calm down before you go to your ceremony.

What do you think of having a ‘sweet drink’ from time to time?

I think you can get to this point, as long as you know there can be a slippery slope. I don’t believe it has to be everything or not, you have to know yourself to know your limits and your goals. Recognizing the benefits of moderate drinking makes it easier to resist the urge to drink. With this knowledge you can make wise decisions about how to participate and when.

Photographer: Kristen Kilpatrick Photography

Do you like mocktail recipes and alcoholic beverages?

My favorite cocktail right now is adrenal creamsicle cocktail with OJ, half & half, tartar cream, and sea salt. I also like making pure Russian Russian with coconut milk and decaffeinated coffee, then add cinnamon on top.

My favorite thing is instead of alcohol, I like kombucha, sparkling water with fruits and herbs, and anything from the highest quality wine glass.

With that said, we hit the editors of Camille Styles for a list of their experiments and non-alcoholic facts. Read more about our favorites, and tell us what you drink instead of alcohol.

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