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Unveiling the Next-Gen Ray-Ban | Meta Smart Glasses

At Meta Connect, a groundbreaking partnership with EssilorLuxottica was unveiled to the world, redefining the way we experience technology and fashion. The result? The next generation of smart glasses – Ray-Ban Meta.

These are not just ordinary glasses; they are a window to the future. The fusion of style and cutting-edge technology promises a revolution in our perception of reality and our interaction with the digital world. Let’s delve into the world of Meta Smart Glasses, where style and innovation combine, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The Evolution of Smart Eyewear:

Meta, a Pioneering force in the metaverse, has collaborated with the iconic eyewear Brand Ray-Ban to introduce these next-gen smart glasses. These innovative glasses have been reimagined from the ground up, enhancing all the core features of the first generation & introducing new capabilities that have never been seen on a pair of smart glasses before.

Meta’s first-generation smart glasses, developed in partnership with EssilorLuxottica, have already captured millions of unforgettable moments. From music festivals and birthday parties to capturing first steps and graduations, Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses liberate you from the confines of a handheld camera. Instead of keeping the world at arm’s length, or worse, missing out on the action while fumbling with your smartphone’s lock screen, these smart glasses allow you to effortlessly snap a photo or record a video from your unique perspective.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses empower you to not just relive those special moments but to truly live in them. With these glasses, you are no longer a bystander capturing life through a screen. You are an active participant, immersed in the experience, and capturing memories from your point of view.

Availability and Pre-orders:

Excitingly, the next-gen Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses start at just $299 USD. Pre-orders are now open on both and, with availability for purchase online and in retail stores starting from October 17th.

The world of smart eyewear is evolving, and with Ray-Ban Meta, you are not just a spectator but an active participant in the ever-evolving narrative of the future.

Offering a fresh perspective: The introduction of an ultra-wide 12 MP camera translates into a significant leap in photo and video quality, capturing your moments in vivid detail. Whether you’re amidst the beauty of nature during a hike or immersed in the art world at a show, your adventures will be immortalized with the same grandeur as the real thing. Additionally, sharing your memories has never been easier – simply use a voice command like “send a photo” to instantly share your experiences with friends and family directly from your glasses.

Key Upgrades in the Next-Gen Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses:

The next generation of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses brings a host of exciting improvements to your tech eyewear experience. Here are some of the highlights:

Capturing Memories: With the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, you can be the director of your life’s movie. Armed with an ultra-wide 12 MP camera and a five-microphone system, you can effortlessly capture high-quality photos and shoot 1080p videos. These smart glasses also enable you to livestream your experiences on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It’s akin to having a portable GoPro camera at your disposal. You can stream for approximately 30 minutes before needing a recharge. A conveniently placed button on the right temporal arm allows you to snap photos with a single press or start recording a video by holding it down and then releasing. It’s worth noting that while accidental captures are unlikely, You might find yourself so immersed in the moment that you forget you’re recording. Fortunately, transferring your photos & videos to your smartphone is a breeze via the local Wi-Fi network.

Immersive Audio: The open-ear speakers in the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have undergone significant improvements. They are now 50% louder compared to the previous Ray-Ban Stories, delivering clearer sound, richer bass, and directional audio that minimizes audio leakage. This ensures a captivating listening experience even in noisy or windy environments, making it perfect for enjoying music or taking calls. These smart glasses also feature a universal nose fit, enhancing comfort for a wider range of users.

Slim and Light Charging Case: The charging case for the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses has been thoughtfully designed. Resembling the classic Ray-Ban case, it is 32% lighter, allowing for easy portability in your bag or carry-on. This case serves as a valuable companion, preserving and extending the battery life of your glasses while on the move. It provides up to eight additional charges, offering an impressive 32 hours of additional battery life.

Variety and Prescription Lenses: The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses come in 21 different versions, ensuring a style to suit everyone’s taste. These smart glasses can also be customized with prescription lenses, adding a layer of personalization and functionality to your eyewear. The Wayfarer style weighs approximately 48.6 grams, the larger Wayfarer version is around 50.8 grams, and the Headliner style weighs about 49.2 grams.

Camera and Connectivity: The camera in the smart glasses captures images in portrait mode at 3024 x 4032 pixels, while videos are recorded at 1080p and 30 frames per second (1440 x 1920 resolution). Connectivity is seamless, with options for Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 6. The glasses provide 32GB of storage, sufficient for up to 500 photos and 100 30-second videos. Powering these innovative glasses is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon AR1 Gen 1 Platform, ensuring robust performance. The rechargeable smart glasses offer up to four hours of usage on a single battery charge, and a full charge takes just 75 minutes in the charging case. Designed for individuals aged 13 and above, these smart glasses are set to redefine your perspective.

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with stylish design, offering an array of features that cater to your imaging, audio, and connectivity needs, all while providing a comfortable and fashionable fit.

Stylish Choices: Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses offer a timeless Wayfarer style that you already know and love, along with a brand-new Headliner design for a more retro look. You can find both styles in either Matte Black or Shiny Black. The options expand further with the introduction of three new transparent frame colors: Jeans, Rebel Black, and Caramel, celebrating the technology inside. With over 150 unique frame and lens combinations available on the Ray-Ban Remix platform, you have the freedom to mix and match to make the glasses your own on Moreover, these smart glasses are now compatible with prescription lenses, ensuring both style and functionality for all users.

The next-generation Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses not only offer cutting-edge technology but also a variety of styles and customization options to cater to your individual preferences. This fusion of fashion and innovation is set to redefine your smart eyewear experience.

The Predecessor: Ray-Ban Stories

Meta’s foray into smart eyewear was initiated with the Ray-Ban Stories, a collaborative effort with EssilorLuxottica, the esteemed Ray-Ban brand’s owner. These innovative glasses were first announced in August 2020, making their debut in September 2021.

A Notable Privacy Debate:The Ray-Ban Stories were equipped with a small red light indicator, signaling when the user was recording their point of view. This feature, however, stirred some controversy over privacy concerns. In the latest model, this indicator has been redesigned to a brighter white light, visible from the corner of your eye on the frame. This change not only informs the wearer that recording is in progress but also ensures that those in conversation with the wearer are aware of it. Although the new indicator is less conspicuous than the bright red light, it addresses privacy matters more effectively.

Competition in the Field: During the Ray-Ban Stories era, rivals included Snap’s smart glasses, along with more advanced AR glasses from companies like Nreal (now Xreal). However, it’s important to note that Meta’s glasses were primarily smart glasses, capable of recording video and playing music, but they did not feature augmented reality (AR) lenses. AR lenses allow users to view a combination of physical reality and 3D-animated overlays.

Meta AI: Your Personal Assistant in the Virtual Realm

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-powered chatbots, Meta has thrown its hat into the ring with the introduction of Meta AI, a personal smart assistant. If you’ve had interactions with OpenAI’s ChatGPT or other chatbots like Anthropic’s Claude, engaging with Meta’s AI will feel comfortably familiar.

Where to Find It: Meta AI is readily accessible on popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Furthermore, it’s set to make its presence known on the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses and Quest 3, marking an expansion into the realm of augmented reality.

Image Generation Magic: One standout feature of Meta AI is its ability to conjure images akin to the capabilities of Midjourney and OpenAI’s DALL-E. By simply invoking the prompt “/imagine,” Meta AI can swiftly generate images in real-time. This remarkable capability extends to providing immediate information and translating text requests into images in a matter of seconds.Meta AI represents another milestone in the integration of artificial intelligence into our daily lives, making tasks more convenient and interactions more engaging across various digital platforms and emerging technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses “next-gen”? 

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have undergone a comprehensive redesign, featuring improvements in audio quality, enhanced recording capabilities, and a range of styles. They also introduce features such as hands-free live streaming and integration with Meta AI.

2. How do the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses improve audio quality? 

The new glasses come equipped with custom-designed speakers that are 50% louder than their predecessors, delivering clearer sound, deeper bass, and improved directional audio for a richer listening experience, even in noisy environments.

3. Can I livestream with the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses? 

Yes, you can! These smart glasses enable you to livestream your experiences to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can even see comments in your preview or listen to them through your glasses, making it easier to engage with your audience while capturing the moment.

4. Are the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses water-resistant? 

Yes, the glasses are water-resistant with an IPX4 rating, offering protection against splashes and light rain.

5. What are the styles available for the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses? 

The glasses are available in the classic Wayfarer style and a new Headliner design, both in Matte Black and Shiny Black. Additionally, there are three transparent frame colors in Jeans, Rebel Black, and Caramel. You can also customize your glasses with over 150 different frame and lens combinations on the Ray-Ban Remix platform.

6. Do the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have augmented reality (AR) features?

No, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses do not feature AR lenses. While they are advanced in many aspects, they are not labeled as AR glasses. Future developments may introduce AR capabilities.


Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses offer style diversity, with classic designs like Wayfarer and the retro-chic Headliner. Their water-resistant feature ensures they can keep up with your dynamic lifestyle, and the option to customize frame and lens combinations adds a personal touch.While not yet AR glasses, these smart glasses are a leap into the future, promising not just convenience but an evolving digital experience. As they make their way into the hands and onto the faces of users, the possibilities of seamless, fashionable, and interactive eyewear are becoming a reality.

With the power of innovation and the allure of iconic design, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are set to transform the way you see and experience the world. The future is unfolding before our eyes, and it looks remarkably stylish.

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